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CHIAN Reynolds is quickly becoming a well-known internet personality, thanks to his savvy interviews.

She shot to fame when her Stand Out TV YouTube channel took off and has since won an army of fans.

Who is Chian Reynolds?

Born in 1990, Chian Reynolds is a 32-year-old YouTube star and influencer who, before becoming famous, worked in public relations.

Chian launched Stand Out TV in 2018 and has since grown the channel with its popular daily content.

Her YouTube channel has proven to be a huge success and (as of August 2022) she has 207,000 subscribers and generated nearly 45 million video views.

On her channel, she hosts a series called Grilling, which “encourages healthy, open conversations about dating.”


Chian Reynolds is a YouTuber, known for her no-nonsense dating interviewsCredit: Instagram

Chian is also an Instagram influencer and has 176,000 followers on her @chianreynolds page (as of August 2022).

In her biography, she writes, “Creating entertainment videos to get you thinking/debating – Don’t let the things I say overwhelm you.”

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As a heavy social media user, you can also follow her daily thoughts on Twitter @ChianReynolds.

Chian has also dabbled in acting and appeared in the 2017 film Gatwick Gangsters.

Who did Chian Reynolds interview?

On Chian’s YouTube channel, Stand Out TV, she interviews various media personalities and influencers about their love life.

In June 2022, she posted an interview with controversial star Andrew Tate, where the pair clashed over their controversial views.

Other stars Chian chatted with Biggs Chris from Love Island, TikTok star HS Tikkytokky and fellow YouTube star Johnny Carey.

Is Chian Reynolds dating anyone?

Although Chian chats with her dating guests, her own love life is kept out of the spotlight.

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It is not known if she is in a relationship at the moment (August 2022).

As Chian is new to the spotlight, her past dating history is also unknown at this time.

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