White Elephant is gearing up for the next generation to come: A

Metro Manila, Philippines, January 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – White Elephant Finance ecosystem consists of Phant NFT (Unauthorized Market), Phant DEX / SWAP (Serum GUI Integration) -[here user’s can trade, swap, add liquidity to their new token, acquire market id—for new spl token.], Phant Launchpad, Phant Wallet and Phant Arcade. Users can buy and sell NFTs on our Marketplace without permission.

Their recent project concerns Defi and Gamefi. The motive is to create a platform with a portal where they can launch multiple games for players to win and play games for free. The game categories will be Action-Adventure, Puzzle, Simulation, MOBA, Sandbox, and Gaming. The plan has three games in the queue and will launch the first in January and 2 more between February and March.

The challenge part will take over the gamefi of the project, DEX, so that players can trade or redeem their token, the NFT marketplace for the NFT showcase for games and the launch pad for other gamefi or challenge projects that would like to be launch in the solana network.

They integrated Metaplex as a storefront, but the end goal is to create their own NFT marketplace that would be unlicensed and trusted. This will be the avenue for NFT utilities in their games.

The artists could also list their articles without going through us. Just connect their wallet, they can mint and sell their works.

This platform will encourage teams to join the Solana network. It is not decentralized and all projects will be subject to monitoring and KYC to ensure that the investment from presale participants goes to teams with meaningful projects.

There will be several mini-games for those who are not into games. There will also be games aimed at players (PVP, PVE).

The project has successfully concluded its presale and is getting ready for IDO soon. They will deploy a smart contract so that IDO participants can exchange their USDC, USDT and SOL for the Phant Token. The price will start at 0.09 but will gradually increase each time they sell 100,000 tickets, to encourage first-time buyers to buy early.

The team believes that a strong community can lead to the success of the project; no investors or venture capitalists as token holders.

The goal is to be inclusive and attract different demographics for maximum token utility.
For mini games there will be jumping and running games, adventure games, puzzle games. It is an easy game and would be cheap to play.

The White Elephant team is currently hosting a next level game in Discord. It’s part of building the community, acquiring players, and testing the method for finer tuning. Players will receive airdrops on each level at the same time as the NFT they own will play a role in the Agriculture simulation game.

The portal will generate income through tax. Players who need to convert coins in the game must pay taxes to convert to Phant Tokens. Converting Phant to USDC will require USDC tax. In this way, they can maintain the portal and generate income. Any artist who wants to launch their NFT will have to pay hosting fees. These are the code, software and technology that were used in the construction of this project. Some are paid services, while others are free.

The goal is to create an ecosystem with a non-custodial portfolio as the center of this ecosystem. Here the portal will integrate a ramp to the crypto exchange, bridge the gap between games, NFT market, dex / swap and whatever else they launch on the platform.

The main objective of the project is to launch as many P / E games as possible in this portal and players can play any game using their token. In addition, the project wants to achieve a decentralized platform and without authorization.

This project would not have been carried out without the help of other developers relying on the Solana network and sharing their codes as public goods. Their willingness to share their knowledge helped them overcome the technical difficulties encountered by the team during construction.

The opening of the IDO will be announced via Twitter (https://twitter.com/wecap_io), Discord (https://discord.gg/Uh2uz87S4R) and Telegram Channel (https://t.me/wecapann).

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Website: https://wecap.io/

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