What is an Infinity Pad? How to participate in Infinity Pad?

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Many new investors who have recently joined cryptocurrency sometimes face a lot of restrictions on their crypto business, whether it’s making cross-chain transfers, raising funds for their startup projects, and getting loans. fast.

So, to address these issues, Crypto launch pads have been created to not only help onboard all sizes of businesses, but outside of them.

This made it possible to increase the participation and returns of the project; they are also used as a way to raise funds and collaborate with other crypto projects by becoming their token holders. Check out some of the best advantages of blockchain technology .

Infinity Pad is also one of the popular Crypto launch pads which are used to initiate new projects and generate funds for them.

What is an Infinity Pad?

Infinity Launchpad is a new launch pad that runs on the Binance smart channel. It is created to offer pre-sales of tokens before the launch of new projects; it increases the token for selective crypto projects based on blockchain technology.

It not only brought about a revolution for early stage projects, but it was also designed to help passionate crypto newbies and investors reach all areas of their business with proper supports and a greater level of transparency. .

It was launched in 2021 in July, the platform’s popularity increased when it was able to lift 3000 unique token holders into its ecosystem, it includes the tier system to qualify its whitelist policy among investors.

How does the Infinity Pad work?

Infinity Pad allows its users to have the early stage ignition which is built using various blockchains, these projects are selected by the Infinity sales team and they require a process to facilitate procedures such as completing the KYC, creating an IPAD account and staking to get participate in the SHO.

Now after completing this process, they can clear the criteria from the whitelist and then they have to secure the limited allocation slots which are based on five tier system through the IPAD staking amount.

If you wagered higher level of levels, it must be the golden chance to win earlier, you can also get higher level by throwing IPAD-BUSD LP tokens.

The token is either fully unlocked or subjected to a kind of programmed locking; Users who participated through the DAO manufacturer’s platform are also eligible to log into that platform with the same login credentials.

What are the characteristics of the Infinity pad?

Infinity Pad is used to distinguish itself on the basis of a wide range of facilities that have been provided to its users, such as the use of the same credentials, the possibility of winning and becoming eligible to participate in the event.

Infinity Pad uses a lottery system to qualify its token holders at each level to participate in its token sale program; this gives a chance to gain a significant share in their proposed project.

We know that in today’s volatile market it is important to safeguard your digital assets, which not only guarantees reliability but also future savings against any potential risk, which is why Infinity Pad backed the manufacturer. DAO.


To link to the Infinity Pad model, just visit their website and fill in your trading details, create your crypto exchange account and choose to transfer the native token to get the AXS native token from the Infinity Pad as it helps. not only to give you a right as a token holder.

But it will also help you vote in project development or any launch of new projects or fundraising events.

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