Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week of 06/19/2022

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This Week in America’s Top 50: A Return to Glory for a Popular Kids Channel, a Litany of YouTube Shorts Channels, and Cool Tree Stuff. Read on to find out what I mean.

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Cocomelon – nursery rhymes took the top spot in our US Top 50. Although owned by London-based Moonbug, the animation channel is still based in the US and has now returned to its usual stride. No other American channel could keep up 491 million weekly views Cocomelon received this week, so after spending a few weeks out of No. 1, the California hub has returned to its typical position.

With Cocomelon reclaiming the top spot in the US Top 50, the country’s most popular family vlogs will have to settle for second and third place. The first of the two vlogs in question is Diana show for children, which is the home of a Ukraine-born, Florida-based child star. With toy videos and other fun content, Diana and co. received 445 million weekly views over a period of seven days. Thanks to this huge total, Kids Diana Show has earned a place in our US ranking.

Like Nastya has led this ranking for much of the past two months, but the Florida family chain has been pushed back to third place in our latest results. The digital home of eight-year-old Nastya and her family continues to gain a massive following, recording 407.9 million weekly visits over our most recent measurement period. As Nastya is also not left behind when it comes to subscribers. The all-audience channel entertains 96.5 million subscribersto be precise.

Of the 26 YouTube Shorts channels that made our US Top 50 this week, only LeoNata family is in the top five. With challenges, skits, and everyday moments from the titular unit, this family channel has become a regular atop our star-studded chart. Its last seven-day viewership total reached 298.2 million weekly views.

D billion completes the US top five this week. Like all the channels above, D Billions entertains a young audience with its colorful YouTube videos. He received 280.4 million weekly views.

Top Winners

The rise of YouTube Shorts has allowed some genre-specific channels to earn a spot on our weekly charts. In this week’s US Top 50, we visit the world of gardening, where a green-thumb channel racks up millions of views at once.

Some YouTube Shorts channels have misleading titles, but Gardening and bonsai is totally simple. Its short clips attract gardeners all over the world, and while you see many different types of plants on the channel, the ones that regularly get the most views are treated with the titular bonsai technique. This tutorial for “folding” a tree has more than 55 million views by himself :

You may not think the YouTube farming community is huge, but the number of viewers Gardening and Bonsai receive is different. The chain counted 100.3 million weekly views in our last count, which saw him jump from 59th place in the United States until the 35th. The short video, with its hectic editing and powerful sound effects, may not seem like the perfect format for a moment of zen, but this channel still sees its audience flourish.

Channel distribution

This week there is 26 YouTube short film channels in the US Top 50.

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