This Vijayawada Chicken Shop owner, with his sense of humor, is now a popular YouTuber

A chicken shop owner from Andhra Pradesh has risen to popularity as a YouTuber with videos on contemporary issues laced with a sense of humor becoming a hot topic among social media circles.

Going into detail, Sheikh Mastan, originally from Penamuluru in Krishna district, ran a chicken shop in Vijayawada. Her creativity was appreciated by netizens through her videos posted on her TikTok account earlier. When the central government banned TikTok, it started posting on other social media platforms such as YouTube and Moj. Thus, he launched a YouTube channel named Bezawada Mastan Official in 2019.

In a short time, the channel received more views with a high number of subscribers. While his videos made netizens laugh with clever and hard-hitting dialogues, he quickly became one of the most popular YouTubers among netizens.

At the time of publishing this article, his YouTube channel is highly admired with up to seven lakh subscribers and up to 12.3 million subscribers on his Moj account.

His recent video in which Mastan played the role of a car driver and shouted “Vijayawada.. Vijayawada”, which was published as one of the short films on the YouTube channel, with comedy and a sense of humor, recorded up to 11 million views. Aside from the racing driver, most of the shorts released have also garnered a minimum of millions of views. Netizens were mesmerized by his expressions and action in the shorts.

His career as a YouTuber took a new turn after Ashok, a young director from Narsaraopet in the Guntur district, noticed his Mastan talent. He shot a mini-movie named Kuja about the issues faced by the transgender community in society where Mastan played a key role. Now, the mini-movie has become a trend on YouTube. Ashok said he would give Mastan a role in his upcoming OTT movie where the story was being worked on.

Coming back to the official Bezawada Master, the brainchild of Mastan, everything from the script, dialogues, filming and editing of the videos takes place under his supervision. Mastan’s son Aarif took care of editing the videos and Mastan along with his team members are uploading the videos with neat content.

Although he has become a popular YouTuber, Mastan still pursues his chicken business. His team members also did their own work to earn a living. Including Mastan, all the team members created and uploaded the videos to YouTube in their spare time.

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