This game console is for dogs only

What if your dog could be a gamer with the new technology we have today? What is the next step, he will be able to vote in a federal election? I hope so.

Joipaw is a British tech startup dedicated to canine health. According to Metro UK, their approach to canine health comes in the form of creating video games that dogs can play to help further research into dementia in dogs.

So far, the company has made a tracker that attaches to your dog’s collar to track his health in terms of the number of steps he takes and the time he spends resting, playing and walking.

This tracker also goes hand in hand with Joipaw’s new game console, which is a touchscreen console designed exclusively for dogs. The series of games developed by Joipaw, as well as the tracker, will aim to spot the first signs of cognitive health problems.

So far, Joipaw has only revealed footage of one game for the console, which is a whack-a-mole style game that you can see a special guy playing below. Based on their website, there will also be a pinball game and a number counting game.

Data that can be accumulated from a dog playing this game includes signs of joint health and signs of canine dementia, which can be quite difficult for dog owners to spot early.

Not only will this very cool technology help dog owners track the health of their fuzzy best friend, but it will also mark the new era of dogs as players. Once the dogs can really get into the game, it’s all over.

The console itself looks cool as hell and consists of a touchscreen, an adjustable stand and an automatic treat dispenser to keep the pup interested.

The big question on everyone’s mind here must be whether or not the Joipaw console can play LOSS. If it can play LOSS, how will it work? And above all, will it be playable by a hardcore gamer dog?

We will truly know if science has gone too far when a dog is able to do a full reading of LOSS.

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