The 4 best prepaid cards for making online payments in Kenya


Online e-commerce has been growing in Kenya for quite some time, with people paying for various goods and services.

These goods and services include payments for Netflix, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, and online shopping on overseas e-commerce platforms.

You need a secure method of payment for these goods and services. When making payments online, you can use your regular bank debit card which is connected to your account. However, most people prefer to use a separate card from their normal bank or credit debit card for security reasons. For this reason, you can also make sure that the separate card is only loaded when you need to pay for something. Various other efforts have been launched to help online payments which include the Amazon and Western Union partnership to enable cash payments for online purchases on Amazon . Additional initiatives include a partnership with Safaricom and AliExpress to enable M-Pesa payments on the Chinese e-commerce platform.

In addition, several banks in Kenya offer prepaid cards for online purchases and payments. These cards are either Visa or Mastercard branded and you can use them on various platforms to pay for goods and services. Cards can be loaded in Kenyan Shillings and various international currencies.

We have compiled a list of the 4 best prepaid cards in the Kenyan market and the conditions to get one.

1. Visa Prepaid Me Cash card

The Visa Prepaid Me Cash card is a product of KCB Bank. It is a Ksh. card and allows you to buy things online.

All fees charged on foreign currency transactions will be converted into Kenyan shillings at the exchange rate specified by Visa on the date of the debit.

You pay for Ksh. 516 for the map. To apply for the card, you need your identity card or passport. The card can be loaded through M-PESA, at a KCB agent or at any KCB branch.

2. NIC Bank multi-currency VISA prepaid card

The NIC Bank Multi-Currency VISA Prepaid Card can be loaded with three currencies, namely Euros, US Dollars and Kenyan Shillings.

To apply for the card, you need your identity card or passport (plus a work permit if you are a foreigner). It will cost you Ksh. 485 and expires after three years. If you lose the card, you will be charged for a replacement of Ksh. 500.

You can load the card at any NIC bank branch, through online banking, through the NIC NOW mobile banking app, and through Mpesa billing number 445992.

3. Barclays Bank multi-currency prepaid card

With the Barclays Bank Multi-Currency Prepaid Card, you can load up to 9 currencies, namely US Dollar, British Pound, Euro, South African Rand, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Indian Rupee, Japanese yen and Kenyan shilling.

The card costs Ksh. 465 and its replacement will also cost the same amount. You can load the card at any Barclays Bank branch or via M-Pesa Paybill numbers 123456 or 303030. When you load the card, you will be charged Ksh. 116, which includes the cost of the SMS alert. There is also a 3.2% currency commission if you pay for a transaction in a different currency than the card currency.

4. I&M Bank multicurrency prepaid card

The I&M Bank Multi-Currency Prepaid Card allows you to keep British Pounds, Euros and US Dollars in one card. To apply for the card, you need your national ID card or passport, a copy of your KRA PIN code and a recent passport photo.

The card costs Ksh. 500 and replacing it will cost the same amount. If you lose the card, you will have to pay Ksh. 500.

You can load the card at any I&M bank branch via M-Pesa PayBill 872651. You can load up to US $ 10,000 on the card.

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