TECNO’s POVA 3 advances mobile gamers to new levels with the touch advantage

Completely immerse yourself in game worlds with the new 4D vibration, high-performance processor and display

POVA 3’s 4D vibration, supercharged by its z-axis linear motor, is the kinetic energy power gamers need to fully immerse themselves in their gaming world. The smartphone’s dual stereo speakers and the Panther Improved Game Engine 2.0 aims to help players complete their missions with more ease by sharpening their awareness in the game environment and improving reaction time. With POVA 3’s powerful processor and expansive high-refresh rate screen, gamers can make the best decisions in a split second and enjoy a lag-free high-level graphical gaming experience.

Break records with the Powerhouse battery and the fast charge of POVA 3

Gamers can also enjoy longer, uninterrupted gaming sessions powered by POVA 3’s ultra-powerful battery without worrying about their devices overheating. Its enhanced cooling features are disclosed to increase heat dissipation, keeping gamers stable even during the most feverish gaming experiences. POVA 3’s long battery life and superior fast charging prepare gamers to break new gaming records anytime.

Reach the pinnacle of gamer with the cutting-edge visuals of POVA 3 anytime, anywhere

The first look of TECNO’s POVA 3 oozes enigma, making it a worthy contender as the next stylish accessory for innovators in the tech and fashion spheres. What really sets its design apart is its eye-catching LED vertical bar. It hopes to replicate the same adrenaline rush that gamers get from their LED-powered PC setups, extending the thrilling feel of their home to wherever they are.

Once again, TECNO’s POVA 3 will mark another milestone by merging the functionality of a gaming console and a high-end smartphone into one device. Gamers can now wait for more exciting details about POVA 3’s performance-laden internal capabilities in hopes of adding the full-featured smartphone to their gaming repertoire.


TECNO is a premium smartphone and AIoT device brand of TRANSSION Holdings. With “Stop At Nothing” as its brand essence, TECNO is committed to unlocking the best contemporary technologies for progressive individuals in global emerging markets, offering them stylishly designed smart products that inspire consumers to discover a world of possibilities. . TECNO understands the needs of consumers in different markets and provides them with localized innovations and design breakthroughs demonstrated by their proficiency in serving consumers who are “young at heart” and who never stop striving for excellence. TECNO’s portfolio covers smartphones, tablets, smart wearables and AIoT devices designed for consumers in over 70 emerging markets around the world. TECNO is also the official partner of Manchester City, Premier League Champions 2020-21. For more information, please visit: www.tecno-mobile.com.


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