Spencer is streaming now: How to watch the Kristen Stewart movie

If you wanted to take a look at Kristen Stewart’s Oscar-nominated portrayal of Princess Diana in spencer but never got around to seeing it in theaters or when it appeared on VOD services in late 2021, you’re not completely out of luck. Since early February 2022, you can watch Pablo Larraín’s portrayal of the late Princess of Wales in one of her most harrowing moments streaming on a platform that many of us already have in our collection of services.

Below is a quick but comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to know to watch spencer streaming as well as other information on the drama’s home release (both digitally and in physical media) and a selection of stories CinemaBlend wrote about the film before and after its release.

How to Stream Spencer

If you want to watch spencer streaming and you have an active Hulu subscription, you’re well on your way to watching the moving and daring drama unfold. Given all the buzz surrounding the movie, there’s a good chance it’ll be featured on your Hulu homepage (as it was for me). But if you want to make it easier for yourself, just check out the link below, which will take you straight to the movie, which is just one of many that will hit the Hulu library in February 2022.

Stream Spencer on Hulu.

Other ways to watch Spencer

But what if you don’t want to watch spencer streaming for some reason because you’d rather own it (or at least rent the movie)? Well, there are a few different directions you could take to watch Kristen Stewart deliver one of the best portrayals of Princess Diana to ever grace the screen.

As well as being available to stream on Hulu, you can rent or purchase a digital copy of the film from services like Amazon, where you can also purchase a copy of the DVD or Blu-ray for those who want to dive into some of the specials. .

Rent/Buy Spencer on Amazon.
Get it on DVD/Blu-ray on Amazon.

Check Out CinemaBlend’s Spencer Cover

After having watched spencer streaming (or before if you want to know what you’re getting into), there’s a variety of articles we at CinemaBlend have written over the past year. There’s everything from our official review of “Princess Diana’s trippy take” to how audiences reacted to the film upon its initial release. There are even stories where Kristen Stewart talks about her Oscar chances long before she was nominated for Best Actress. And that’s just the beginning.

I hope all this will help to improve your experience when watching spencer streaming on Hulu, now or sometime down the road. If you want to know more about all the new titles hitting streaming services and theaters near you later this year, check out our rundown of all new movie releases of 2022.

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