Shane Dawson admits he’s glad he got canceled

August 2, 2022, 5:30 PM

“I’m so grateful to be where I am.”

Shane Dawson has opened up about the positives of being canceled by the internet.

In July 2020, Shane finally apologized for his old and offensive content, which included blackface, racism and gags about paedophilia. Shane’s association with problematic YouTubers like Jeffree Star, and his involvement in YouTube dramas with James Charles and Trisha Paytas, have also seen the once-loved YouTuber’s public persona crumble.

Shane then decided to take a break from social media, admitting his career was “over”. However, after a year-long hiatus, Shane has started creating content again, albeit at a much slower pace than before. Shane has also started his own podcast and is a frequent guest on his fiancé Ryland Adams’ podcast.

Although Shane lost some of his fan base, he admitted that the cancellation actually had its benefits.

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Shane Dawson.

Shane Dawson admits he’s glad he got canceled.

Photo: shane via YouTube, @shanedawson via Instagram

Speaking about the cancellation of the Perez Hilton podcast on Monday (August 1), Shane explained, “I really think the universe and God or whatever really planned it that way because I was at a point before I was canceled where I didn’t want to be there anymore I was so exhausted.

Shane added: “It was just a collection of boom, boom, boom, boom, and it got to a point where, yeah, that’s when I started therapy for a disorder diet and all the other stuff, and then oddly enough, maybe even two months earlier, I started therapy which I canceled and it was like, ‘Oh.’ It felt very designed by something to me.'”

Shane went on to say that having that time to think meant he was now able to create content he actually loves and focus on his podcast.

He continued, “Now I can see what the most important goal is and I’m doing it and I’m so grateful to be where I am and for my family and not freaking out every fucking day like:” What am I going to do? ! “What am I going to do?! How am I going to do better? Are people going to be mad?” It was truly endless.”

This isn’t the first time Shane has said the cancellation was good for him. In a 2021 YouTube video, titled “The Haunting of Shane Dawson,” Shane explained, “I’m so grateful to have been canceled because it really changed my life. It showed me what matters to me and what matters; showed me that I don’t need to be on YouTube all the time.

“I don’t need to be stressed out afterwards, I don’t need to try to think of the next idea, the next whatever to be happy.”

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