Seeking nominations for key game managers and agents: 2022

  • Insider compiles our 3rd annual list of top gaming and esports managers and agents.
  • We want to highlight those who hold the most lucrative and advanced offers in the industry.
  • Please submit your nominations via this form (or below) by August 10.

Amid FaZe Clan’s Nasdaq debut — the first for an esports organization — and ongoing moves for creator exclusivity by top streaming platforms, gaming remains a core sector of the creator economy.

Nearly 3.2 billion people will play games in 2022, according to Newzoo, which valued the gaming industry at $197 billion. And last quarter, viewers watched 8.1 billion hours of live gaming content, according to a report from Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet – around three-quarters of which happened on Twitch, and the rest on YouTube and Facebook. .

The category is also exploding globally. Spanish megastar Ibai broke Twitch’s concurrent viewership record (3.3 million viewers) with a boxing event in June. That month, YouTube Gaming signed an exclusivity deal with Brazilian streamer Nobru.

Talent managers and agents fuel industry growth behind the scenes, who strategize with their clients on all fronts: brand deals, content expansion, live events and product launches.

We compile our third annual list of the industry’s top talent managers and agents, and want to hear your opinion of who manages the most innovative deals and the best clients.

Please submit your ideas via this form by August 10, or enter the information below.

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