Sakura Miko Tops VTuber’s Q2 2022 Streaming Stats After Mega Celebrations

. Last update: July 29, 2022

Hololive star Sakura Miko has climbed the stream rankings to claim VTuber’s top spot for Q2 2022, according to Stats from Stream Hatchet. She is the third largest streamer overall, with Usada Pekora and VShojo’s Ironmouse rounding out the list.

She might not be the name you think of when you hear Hololive ⁠—especially for Western audiences ⁠—but Sakura Miko is one of the biggest VTubers in the world for a reason.

The pink-haired superstar (lives up to his name) won the most-watched VTuber accolade for Q2 2022, with over 4.5 million hours watched from April to June according to a report by Stream Hatchet. .

It’s been a mega trimester for Sakura Miko. She recently hit 1.5 million YouTube subscribers and had a busy schedule for practically all three months. She has been very active on Hololive’s Rust and Minecraft servers, collaborating with other stars from the VTuber agency.

These numbers are not just good for a VTuber but for any content creator. Miko’s 4.5 million over the three months makes her the third most popular streamer on all platforms outside of China, behind Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa (8.2 million) and Imane “Pokimane” Anys ( also 4.5 million).

She is joined in the top 10 by fellow Hololive star Usada Pekora, who finished fifth overall with 4.1 million hours watched. It’s all the more impressive considering that she was on hiatus for a month and returned in mid-June.

The VShojo “Ironmouse” star rounded out the list with 3.3 million hours watched. That’s down from her record quarter earlier this year thanks to her sub-athon, but she clung on to the majority of her audience to keep pushing forward as Twitch’s biggest VTuber.

These three names are a staple on these top 10 lists, but as VTube continues to grow with seemingly endless next-gen debuts, expect more to pop up.

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