Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Official Soundtrack Download and Streaming Service Launched

The Pokemon Company is launching a new site that allows Pokemon Diamond and Pearl fans to listen to or download the soundtrack for free.


Pokemon may have gotten its start on the humble GameBoy, but its soundtracks have always been beloved by fans. From the cheerful melody of the bicycle to thrilling battle themes, multitudes of Pokemon the games contain soundtracks that fans appreciate.

Listening to these tracks outside of the games themselves isn’t always easy, depending on the availability of official soundtrack releases on digital music platforms or physical media. However, at least a pair of beloved Pokemon Games, Pokémon Diamond and pearlgets a special free version of the soundtrack online.


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Announced by official Pokemon Twitter, the soundtrack of Pokémon Diamond and pearl is now available for streaming and download on its official website, the Pokemon DP sound library. Players can take advantage of Pokemon music in a variety of ways, with the ability to assemble playlists or choose from existing ones for streaming purposes, or simply choose the tracks they want to download. According to the site, personal use of music is allowed, but the rules regarding its use in shared projects such as videos and audio are a little stricter.

The arrival of this music has an interesting timing. Nintendo recently turned heads for hitting a single channel with thousands of YouTube copyright warnings for downloading songs from Nintendo game soundtracks. The channel is leaving and the music that was canceled is no longer available on their page. Although The Pokemon Company and Nintendo are not one and the same, Nintendo likely has oversight and at least partial control over the creations made under its umbrella that are shared online.

With a personalized website and carefully crafted rules, it’s clear that the Pokémon Diamond and pearl The soundtrack site has been in the works for some time. It’s possible that Nintendo suppressed the music in part to help emphasize this site, rather than unofficial YouTube uploads. Notably, the soundtrack has also been uploaded to the official Pokemon YouTube channel.

Fans seem to be very excited about the shared music, as the site initially crashed after it was announced. Several mentioned hoping that this same treatment will be given to others Pokemon Games. diamond and pearl were likely chosen not only for their overall popularity, but also because they were recently remade for the Nintendo Switch. It remains to be seen whether other classics, or even novelties like Pokemon Legends Arceus see their soundtracks shared freely by The Pokemon Company in the future.

pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl are available on Nintendo Switch.

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