Pixel and Concordium Bring Insurance Policy to Web 3.0 Gaming

ZUG, Swiss and MEXICO CITY, September 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pixpel, a Mexican early-stage startup, has been awarded the Concordium Foundation’s “Free and Open Grant” to bring an innovative type of “insurance policy” concept to the NFT gaming market.

The soon-to-be-launched P2E platform, Pixel, will provide a variety of services, including an NFT marketplace and an insurance policy to ensure the play-to-win industry can match Concordium’s commitment to security. and responsibility in all aspects of the Web. 3.0.

As the first decentralized blockchain with protocol-level identification, helping to facilitate regulatory compliance, Concordium shares Pixel’s ambition of a legitimate and secure ecosystem for developing and trading NFTs with in-game utility.

Pixpel’s insurance policy will protect user safety and rid the P2E sector of scammers seeking to take advantage of the lack of regulation and security in the space, thus creating a safer and more enjoyable Web 3.0 gaming community with a reputation restored.

Play to Earn allows anyone to earn money playing their favorite games – an opportunity that was (until now) only available to the best at major tournaments. Unfortunately, the P2E sector has seen scammers looking to take advantage of the lack of regulation and security in the space. Pixel will collaborate with Concordium blockchain to provide the security and accountability players need to feel safe.” says Torben KaaberHead of Enterprise Solutions at Concordium.

Founder of Pixel, Juan Vivas says: “I was 6 years old when I started playing games and I fell in love with them, I still play. Later in my life, the economy piqued my interest. Play to Earn games are where my two passions met.I was deeply excited to see the industry grow and become an important part of the crypto metaverse, but equally saddened, because of the issues it was facing.After a group of my friends suffered because of another mismanaged project, I decided to use my knowledge and do P2E space a better place – the idea for Pixel was born. Together with Concordium and my team, we are determined to write a new, better page in the history of P2E.”


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