Padma Lakshmi talks with fellow foodies about culinary disasters in the kitchen; (Pictures inside)

From being a two-time New York Times bestselling author to hosting cooking shows, Padma Lakshmi’s accomplishments in the field of food are well known. She started out as a model in the industry but managed to pursue her passion in her career and she is now known as one of the most popular foodies in the industry. She loves food in every possible way, whether it’s eating or cooking; and she’s not shy about sharing her likes and dislikes with her family on social media. The self-proclaimed foodie is quite experienced in the kitchen, which makes her quite relatable on the internet!

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Cooking isn’t easy, it’s something we all agree on, even Padma Lakshmi! Different dishes require different types of preparations, and we need practice before we get that perfect taste and appearance. When most of us first started cooking, we all made mistakes that led to spilling milk on the stove or burning dal. And, even as seasoned home cooks, we’ve all had our fair share of “whoops” in the kitchen. In the spirit of such a culinary failure, Padma Lakshmi shared some relatable memes on Instagram that are sure to make you laugh out loud! Looked:

In restaurants, we see chefs playing with pans, then suddenly a jet of flame passes over the pan. We are so scared when we see the flame rising in the air, aren’t we?! The first meme pokes fun at this moment with the flame looking like a cartoon demon.

The second meme is about when we cook on high heat and the smoke detector starts to detect the smoke from the stove as a fire. It’s just extremely annoying to hear that beep for no reason! The meme suggests the voice command “I’m just cooking” to turn off the smoke detector.

The last meme is an image of a major culinary disaster. The contents of the food in the pan are so burnt to the image that they look like lava from a volcano!

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