Ninja’s sudden streaming hiatus has fans freaking out

Shortly after logging out of Twitch, Ninja took to Twitter, where he posted a message message“I just need a break… I don’t know when or where I’ll be back.” Some fans thought Ninja might be overreactingbut recognized that mental health is important and should not be ignored. Others believed the whole incident was pre-planned to generate excitement for a potential move to a new streaming platform.

A fan wrote, “I’m pretty sure it was staged, it’s probably steaming up on YouTube instead of Twitch.” Others speculated that Ninja might make the switch because his contract with Twitch was likely almost up, leaving him open to move to a new platform. While the details of Ninja’s current contract and potential interest from YouTube are unclear, the timing would make sense. To add to the speculation, Ninja had recently tweeted that he had a scheduled call with YouTube that failed. Although he didn’t specify what the call was about at the time, some fans believe the reunion was related to a potential platform change.

The streamer has since removed his profile picture from his Twitter and Twitch account, changing his display name on Twitter to “User Not Found”. Ninja didn’t provide an explanation for the change, and fans could wait for the streamer to update them on where he’ll be streaming next. Regardless, things change, although no one knows when or how. Ninja’s sudden decision to change his name and potentially move platforms may seem shocking to some, but he could join a trend of Twitch streamers making the leap to new platforms. In fact, he even follows in his own footprint.

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