NFT GamingStars Brings The Future Of Blockchain Gaming To The Internet With Its Unique Free Game

Podgorica, Montenegro – (Newscall PR – 02 April 2022) – NFT GamingStars is a Binance Smart Chain NFT platform where you can be rewarded with cryptocurrencies by playing games. It is a platform that seeks to provide its users with exclusive video game content so that they have fun while earning cryptocurrency (GS1).

They come up with their new feature which introduced two new free games into their vibrant ecosystem which further enhances the user experience.

Blockchain has the potential to change the future of video games and NFT GamingStars is one of the first platforms that can give you this kind of experience. They are constantly working on implementing new features and improving the experience of their users, in order to offer them a whole new way to interact with their favorite games.

NFT integration in NFT GamingStars

In NFT GamingStars you will be able to play your favorite games and earn cryptocurrency at the same time.

Their platform is designed to be decentralized and self-contained, which means players can securely trade their NFTs without fear of losing them. It is also very user-centric, which allows you to enjoy all our services without having any technical knowledge or spending a lot of money on fees.

GS1 is the primary currency used on NFT GamingStars to acquire in-game items from our marketplace. Players can use GS1 to purchase NFTs, which are unique digital assets, or in-game items that can be used in games.

In the game, players will be able to use the NFTs they own for certain upgrades and will also be able to participate in battles with other players. Existing NFTs can be purchased from the GamingStars NFT marketplace. They have a collection of 1000 Spacecraft NFTs which will be used in their next game for the reward system. In case of successful minting, you will receive the minted amount of NFT directly in your wallet. The initial mint price is 0.1 BNB equivalent to GS1.

GamingStars will push the boundaries of what players can do with their items by creating an ecosystem where they can earn rewards through play and freely trade these NFT items between games. On their platform, players can trade and exchange game items between different games. This gives players more utility for their in-game items and allows them to play their favorite games with a wider array of playable characters and gear.

About NFT Gaming Stars

Their idea of ​​GameStars is a decentralized platform, allowing users to trade directly from their cryptocurrency wallets. They can exchange crypto assets for GS1, BNB, etc., and vice versa. NFT GamingStars seeks to earn people’s trust through decentralization while allowing them to enjoy games, art, and the metaverse.

The company was founded by Skender Boci who is the CEO and Dzevad Kurtanovic, co-founder and COO. Their experience has allowed them to understand what works best for different customers, what they will bring to NFT GamingStars.

NFT GamingStars is a project with a vision for the future of gaming. They believe in empowering game developers around the world to create innovative games that can change the landscape of gaming as we know it today. today.

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Name: Skender Boci
E-mail: [email protected]


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