Multicultural audiences use more CTV streaming apps: App Science

According to a new report from App Science, multicultural audiences are more important streamers than general market audiences.

For example, Hispanic American households have seven connected TV streaming apps, compared to five in general market households.

Hispanic households are 24% more likely to have streaming apps than the general market. Meanwhile, African American households are 31% more likely to have streaming apps and Asian American households are 37% more likely to be streaming.

According to App Science, a subsidiary of Sabio Holdings, sports, crime and drama were the most popular viewing genres on CTV among multicultural audiences.

The premiere of App Science Multicultural Trends Report said viewers in each of these multicultural groups were at least four times more likely to watch shows in these genres than viewers in the general market.

In Hispanic American homes, the most popular CTV streaming apps were Dazn, HGTV Go, VRV, Movies Anywhere, Freeform, and Showtime. The best mobile streaming apps include Canela TV, Univision Now, Telemundo, Vix, YouTube Kids and Viki.

In African American households, there were an average of seven CTV streaming apps. The most popular CTV apps were Showtime, Livestream, Epix, Xfinity Stream, Pluto TV and Freeform. The best mobile streaming apps were Worldstar, Starz, Buzzvideo, Xumo, Crackle and Tubi.

Asian American households had an average of eight CTV apps, compared to six for the general market. The most popular apps in Asian American households were Hotstar, Dramafever, Roku, Dailymotion, Sling TV and Vimeo. The top mobile streaming apps were OnDemand Korea, Viki, Dailymotion, HBO Go, and Crunchyroll.

“With this report, we aim to help advertisers better understand multicultural audiences, so they can learn how to better connect with them and drive more effective advertising,” said Helen Lum, executive vice president at App. Science.

Data for the report comes from App Science’s proprietary 55 million household graph, which is powered by human behavioral signals from mobile device and CTV databases and enhanced with third-party consumer data to provide consumer habits. US household consumption. ■

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