MSI launches gaming and content creation laptops

MSI, a gaming and enterprise computing brand, has launched a virtual event, MSIology: Gameverse, showcasing its latest gaming and content creation laptops.

Features included the latest 12 Gen Intel H-series processors, up to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti laptop GPU and MSI-exclusive thermal solutions, which boost performance.

MSI not only released the most capable laptop in the market, but also delivered a series of Meta-Ready laptops to connect users to the Metaverse.

The event also announced the launch of several technologies, including MSI’s newest exclusive cooling technology, named “Phase-Change Liquid Metal Pad”. When the heat from the computer reaches 58° Celsius (136° F), the phase change liquid metal pad melts and fills the space between the processor and the thermal block.

This phase transition makes heat transfer more efficient than traditional thermal pastes and more reliable than liquid metal solutions. With this innovative new cooling technology, overall performance increases by up to 10%.

MSI also introduced its new flagship gaming laptop, Stealth GS77 – winner of the latest CES Innovation Awards 2022.

The Stealth GS77 features an all-new design that moves the hinge to the middle and uses stronger materials, giving it twice the durability of previous models. Halfway between work and play, the Stealth GS77 incorporates additional features for professional use. It enlarged the trackpad by 50% and provides 8% larger keys for an even smoother experience. The Stealth GS77 also comes with a physical camera lock to add an extra layer of privacy.

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