MoonXBT launches new global business battle, embracing SocialFi and GameFi

In this new event, participants can configure their own trade battles, bonus pools and number of participants. In addition to the battle on ROE (Maximum Profit / Margin), participants can donate to the bonus pool, raise the stakes for more exciting battles. Additionally, public and private trade battles are available on MoonXBT, allowing users to create a more intimate, small-circle community for trading as well as sharing strategy and opinion.

“MoonXBT markets itself as a social trading platform, not just in name, but with substance,” said George Lee, COO of MoonXBT. As a leading pioneer in the world of cryptography, MoonXBT makes it its mission to keep abreast of industry news. Among those in the works for MoonXBT are GameFi, SocialFi, and DAO. Lee believes that the global trade battle can enhance the autonomy enjoyed by users and the interconnectivity between them, which can be used to stimulate innovation and creativity.

By joining the Global Trading Battle, users can also exchange trading strategies and opinions. With no central organization governing their opinion sharing, users can reap the benefits of a decentralized and self-contained environment for crypto trading. It can empower users and encourage more creativity among users.

The world’s first trade battle will take place in April 2022, in which 1,000 participants are invited to compete within 7 days. Every 100 participants in the room will donate 1,000 USDT to the prize pool, bringing the overall donation to 10,000 USDT. In the future, MoonXBT will hold regular competitions for kings. Outstanding winners will join the MoonXBT star user club and have the opportunity to participate in the MoonXBT DAO organization.

Lee said, “MoonXBT’s vision is to maximize crypto adoption worldwide and foster connection between expert traders and common users.”

As part of its mission to provide a refreshing socializing experience to its users, the exchange believes that the key to a good user experience is a healthy ecosystem that comes with abundant information. This also includes the sharing of information between users. The community created by MoonXBT is such a healthy ecosystem that evolves with the times.

Start the new global trade battle, MoonXBT has shown its ambition to embrace the GameFi trend in the crypto industry. GameFi, the combination of gaming and finance, refers to play-to-earn blockchain games that provide economic incentives to players. In 2021, the number of GameFi projects has seen a rapid increase and will likely continue to grow in the years to come. From March 2022, there are more than 1,400 blockchain games listed in DappRadar. Some popular GameFi projects include Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, Harmony, Solana, among others. GameFi users can own in-game assets and earn profits from games, while enjoying the socializing benefits offered in the context of gaming.

Posting the global trade battle, MoonXBT entered the ground floor of GameFi. The platform’s upcoming GameFi series will provide a variety of gameplay mechanics, approaches, user roles, and participation that will allow users to get the most out of gaming with the wider crypto community.

To promote its GameFi ambition, MoonXBT will continue to work with well-known crypto industry influencers and brands, led by the all-new Global Trading Battle. Participants of the event can be rewarded with lots of benefits while enjoying trade battles with cryptonauts from all over the world. By engaging influencers and brands, Lee said, “MoonXBT has extended its socialization mission by giving full play to the social influence of content creators.” Users can also find like-minded traders by following the same influencers in the community.

Being the first crypto social trading platform, MoonXBT offers an unparalleled trading experience to its users, beginners or professionals. With tools such as options trading provided on the platform, cryptonauts can enrich their exploration of crypto trading with different products. MoonXBT recently launched its new Warrant Options product. By pushing the limits of return for its users even further, the platform has the lowest premium for its options products, half that of other exchanges. Going forward, MoonXBT will launch more crypto trading products with creativity and aim to foster a crypto neighborhood that encourages interaction, innovation, and technology.


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