Mavs Gaming selects four players in the 2022 NBA 2K Draft

The list is established and the rebuild is complete. Mavs Gaming selected four players in the 2022 NBA 2K Draft on Saturday, rounding out the squad with a host of new talent.

Joining the team are Kenneth “Kenny Zeus” Strombeck, Zekirri “Zayy” Dennis, Jarvis “Simptoms” Thompson and Jake “Legit” Knapp with picks No. 3, 6, 33 and 50, respectively. They join Gerald “Sick One” Knapp as the core of the new-look team.

“From the jump, draft night was exciting! We made a last-minute trade to get Kenny, who is the top point guard in the draft. Then we decided to go with Zayy, who is known to make it difficult for opposing point guards,” Mavs Gaming head coach LT Fairley said in a press release.

“Simptoms is the perfect complementary piece for Kenny. And we rounded out the draft with Sick’s brother, Legit, one of the best defensive tackles in the league. The chemistry between the two on and off the court is unmatched.

Initially, Mavs Gaming held the first overall pick in the 2022 draft. The club won the NBA 2K League Draft lottery in November after finishing last season with a 9-19 record. It was an unlikely victory as the team only had a 10.2% chance of landing the first overall pick.

In February, however, the team decided to deal the No. 1 pick in a multi-team trade with Heat Check Gaming and the Gen G Tigers. Mavs Gaming also handed out picks No. 26 and 28. In return, the club listed picks No. 6, 8, and 33.

“It’s a deep draft with a lot of talent,” Fairley said at the time. “We were offered the opportunity to add two incredible draft picks in the top ten against just one. Overall, I have great confidence in our draft process, so this will put us in a great position for the coming season.

Mavs Gaming enters its fifth season of NBA 2K League play with a fully rebuilt roster. Last year, the team traded longtime point guard Artreyo “Dimez” Boyd mid-season, kicking off the rebuilding process.

With the roster now established, the team will look to build a winning culture and return to the playoffs. Mavs Gaming kicks off its season on April 5 with THE TIPOFF tournament.

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