Little ones can let off steam with the VTech Infant Play Chair

Children love to imitate the adults in their lives. That’s why you can find such weird items in the toy aisle as irons, mops, and baby vacuum cleaners. Now you can add more weird items to this list, one item that has some Engadget staff roaring with laughter: a baby play chair. Yes, you read that right. Babe. Player. Chair.

VTech, a long-time supplier of kids’ tablets and educational toys, is now selling a small gaming chair for budding and future streamers fortnite players. The $50 Level Up gaming chair is a plastic sham of larger leather seats designed for adults, with smooth black arms and a molded back with two cut-out sections for air flow. However, instead of wheels, the chair sits on four blue boot-like legs, so your baby won’t tip over while they pretend to curse other players on the included headset. The small, non-functional headset even has a small, non-functional mic to complete the look.

Because it’s VTech after all, the Level Up gaming chair has interactive electronics, namely a light-up keyboard that kids can play with to learn numbers and letters and even piano keys – this which, we admit, is actually a step up from traditional. mechanical gaming keyboards. The keyboard console can be detached for play on the go, and the tray it normally sits on can also be used for snack time so kids never have to leave their play throne when it goes on sale this autumn. (We recommend pairing it with Fisher Price’s Laugh and Learn Controller.)

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