Jalopnik has a Twitch channel, and we’ll be streaming every Thursday!

Greetings! I come to you on this frosty gray morning somewhere in frosty gray Pennsylvania, where the ice has formed an envelope around tree branches like these weird condom things you put on a wii remote, to tell you that next week Jalopnik will be playing video games with live cars for your viewing pleasure. Yes, we will be streaming Twitch.

Every Thursday, from March 3, at 4-6 p.m. ET, Jalopnik’s supplier Bring on the worst deals of a trailer Steve DaSilva and I will come to you live from twitch.tv/jalopnikdotcom playing something – with live photos of our faces for good measure.

Maybe it will be me who fails miserably to beat Steve’s Drift Zone scores in Forza Horizon 5; maybe it will be carnage Shipwreck Party; maybe i’ll dig a terrible 20 year old game that no one remembers. Most likely, this will involve us arguing over arbitrary and silly topics, like how some people believe that every time Chrysler changes Viper coating supplier, it announces a new generation. By the way, we strongly disagree on this topic, and you can expect this to be a well we regularly come back to long after everyone is fed up.

Chances are it will appear Gran Turismo 7, because we will be able to release the game in time for our debut next week! How’s that for the timing?

But this channel will not be just for us. While it’s going to start up with Steve and I devaluing the Jalopnik brand, our colleagues will use it for all their weird, wonderful, and enlightening content. We envision our Twitch as a place to film shit, live interviews, race day footage from the field, constant camera feed Steve tells me he’s rigged to record his 3D printer for a reason whatever, and more. That’s why it’s called “jalopnikdotcomand not, say, “jalopnikplays.” Well, that and because someone is squatting on the “jalopnik” handle and we don’t have the financial resources to convince them to stop.

So please follow us if you want to be so nice, and join our very first stream afterwards Thursdays from 4-6 p.m. ET, and all after Thursday at twitch.tv/jalopnikdotcom. We can’t promise much, but we can promise it will be loud and the cars will be at least tangentially involved.

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