Is the proposal showing on Netflix? (Where to watch)

When it comes to romantic comedies, Sandra Bullock is one of the many queens of the genre to have starred in countless beloved romantic comedies over her decades-long career.

Among Bullock’s most notable romantic comedies is the 2009 hit Proposal, who saw her play alongside Ryan Reynolds as a high powered book publisher who faked an engagement with his assistant (Reynolds) in hopes of avoiding deportation to his native Canada. And who can forget Betty White’s stage robbery as Grandma Annie, the eccentric grandmother of Reynolds’ character, Andrew ?!

There’s never a bad time to take advantage of the success of 2009, but figuring out where to stream the movie is always the first step, with Netflix often becoming people’s first stop in their search, but is the movie streaming on Netflix?

Is the proposal on Netflix?

If you hope you can watch Proposal on Netflix, we’ve got some bad news for you. While Netflix is ​​home to many incredible romantic comedies, including an ever-growing list of original romantic comedies, you won’t find Proposal among Netflix’s vast catalog of movies, as the 2009 hit is not available to stream on Netflix at this time.

While the film is not currently airing on Netflix, it has been released on Netflix before, meaning there is still a chance the film will return to Netflix in the future if Netflix secures the broadcast rights again. of the movie.

Where to broadcast The proposal (2022)

If you read this before the end of the day on December 31, 2021, you can enjoy Proposal on Amazon Prime through your Prime membership. Otherwise, it looks like you’ll have to pull out your credit card and rent the movie as it won’t have an official streaming home as of January 1, 2022, after the movie is pulled from Amazon Prime.

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