‘I wanted to be famous’: Abbotsford, BC man holds world records in throwing ball

It started as a hobby for Sandeep Singh Kaila, but within 14 years the Abbotsford, BC resident has made it into an internationally renowned career that has changed his life.

While living in India, Kaila realized he had a very special skill set: spinning sports balls with his fingertips, and sometimes, from a stick he holds in his hand. stuffy. It was an accident he discovered while juggling.

“Slowly, slowly the bullets started spinning on my finger,” he told Global News. “I practiced, practiced, practiced too much.”

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In the highly competitive field of ball throwing, Kaila is now close to the top.

Over the years he has set seven different Guinness World Records. Four were broken, but he still holds three titles: “Longest time to spin a rugby ball on one finger”, “Longest time to spin an American football on a finger” and “Longest time to spin a rugby ball on one finger”. long time to spin a basketball on a toothbrush ”.

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“I think it’s an unbreakable record,” he said of the latter. “I’m also trying to break it and I couldn’t do it.”

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His unique talent has earned him numerous spots and interviews, as well as an article in the annual Guinness Book of World Records.

“I had nothing to do and wanted to be famous,” he explained. “I wanted to become famous in the world.

Kaila said he learned how to shoot by watching videos online.

His YouTube channel now documents his entire career as a spinner, including all of his performances and the unveiling every time a new Guinness Certificate arrives in the mail.

“I feel very proud,” he said. “Even my family, my villagers and my Punjabi community here, they are very proud of me.”

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Kaila continues to try and break her own records and plans to set a few new ones for spinning a rugby ball on the tip of a pencil and toothbrush, and spinning an American football on her left index fingers. and law simultaneously.

He always plans his attempts to break records on important days in Canada, like Remembrance Day or Canada Day, he said.

“As a Canadian citizen, I want to dedicate all my records to Canadian historic days,” he explained. “Dedicated to the Canadian people, Canadian nation.

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He has already screened online to audition for America’s Got Talent, he added, calling it a “dream” to appear on the show after the pandemic has passed. He plans to spin three burning basketballs and a blindfolded American football.

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“It’s going to be amazing. You’ve never seen it. I want to set a Guinness World Record on the America’s Got Talent stage,” he said.[The audience] should be so excited.

During this time, he is learning to spin all kinds of different sports balls on different objects. He said he was working on a lathe with a tablet and a volleyball.

“Sometimes if I go out into the public space, I just take a bullet and start spinning. People around me are watching me as I shoot my videos, ”he said with a laugh.

“Until I die, I will.”

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