How Mobile Apps and Digital Platforms Increase Print Advertising Revenue

As digital India continues to seep into our daily lives, with interactions and transactions increasingly taking place online, and emerging technology-driven SMEs in all categories contributing to it, print advertising continues to weigh.

Indian Newspaper Society (INS) President and BBCL Board Member Mohit Jain says that while the role of digital channels will continue to grow, there will always be a core of people, not necessarily older generations, who prefer reading newspapers to any other source of information.

“There’s a lot of clutter online, with constant pop-ups, notifications and other distractions, and many brands, especially emerging brands that don’t yet have brand recognition, can get lost. in the crowd. This is where print appears to be a good option. Not only can your brand stand out, but its advertisements appearing in newspapers have more impact on the general public,” he added. .

DB Corp promoter manager Girish Agarwaal agrees with this, saying: “There is always turnover in the composition of advertising. Print media is managing this turnover quite well currently and continues to add new categories and customers to it, as print media hosts the widest range of advertising categories compared to other media platforms. Print advertising offers massive reach, immediacy and high impact in a credible way. Print is not fragmented and is the easiest way to reach audiences at the state or city level due to its hyper-local nature.

Insiders note that traditional print categories like real estate, education, automotive, lifestyle, retail, banking and financial services, among others, are gaining strength in the post era. -pandemic.

Additionally, “popular mobile apps (from categories such as grocery, finance, health, entertainment and OTT, social media, automotive, gaming, FMCG, and cryptocurrency, among others ) all advertise in the print media,” says Agarwaal.

Advertising in a traditional medium like print is also helping these new-age companies pitch their offerings to unfamiliar audiences, especially older generations, while establishing themselves as prominent players in their space. Industries like gaming, which seek to tap into the hinterland to grow the base of potential players (customers), advertise in national and regional newspapers to maximize their reach. Tournaments organized by entities such as Mobile Playing League and other esports entities appear in newspapers as front-page ads inviting Indians across the country to sign up and play.

And it’s not just pure tech companies, says Vanda Ferrao, Head-Marketing, FreshToHome, who says, “While there has been an increase in media channels, for us print continues to grow. be an important channel in the FreshToHome media mix. This channel works well to create traction with relevant ethnicities through vernacular print and also to build reach in non-metro areas. We have created a kind of property during peak consumption like weekends, where our FreshToHome advertisements at strategic positions can be seen. Plus, print has a lasting impact, and it works well for us when it comes to big announcements like launching operations in a new city/state, etc.

Costs naturally play a role, especially for start-ups that don’t have the kind of advertising budgets that larger corporations have. Mitesh Desai – Head Sales Excellence & Agency Partnership, HT Media Group, has a solution for this. He shares, “With our in-house HT AdWorks program, we’ve introduced affordable plans for beginners. It provides an integrated platform that helps advertisers plan and manage marketing campaigns and advertisements across HT Media’s newspaper, radio and internet platforms. Advertisers get affordable rates and packages across all media platforms, plus other benefits. In fact, many SMBs also want to explore native content solutions such as branded content. »

Industry leaders have also noted that when there is widespread misinformation online, print acts as a credibility benchmark. “Credible information is now a ‘need’ that drives users to platforms they can trust. For brands, showcasing their products in a trusted environment is definitely a preferred option. It works wonders for new brands. also when they want to establish their credibility with readers at scale,” Desai points out.

“Brand safety has also been an issue and printing offers a way out. You would have noticed that even major social media platforms used print for credibility and trust,” concludes Agarwaal.

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