How Mac Gaming Gets Better With macOS Ventura

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With the launch of macOS Ventura, Apple is putting more emphasis on gaming on Mac. Here are some ways gamers will benefit from the launch of Apple’s new operating system.

Gamers come in all shapes and sizes, from those who want simple, casual games to big AAA MMO titles. Mac users have often been second-class citizens when it comes to gaming, as many of the top titles simply aren’t available on the platform.

To date, Apple has apparently been content to ignore this reality. At WWDC, that didn’t signal an about-face for Apple, but the iPhone maker made some crucial announcements that could signal a brighter future for Mac gaming.

The game is getting better

One of the biggest changes – although not particularly noticeable – is Apple’s launch of Metal 3. Metal is Apple’s graphics framework that allows it to deeply exploit a Mac’s GPU. With the third generation release, we should see big improvements to the game’s visuals.

If you want to dig into the specifics, Apple is specific about what it says MetalFX Upscaling can do.

MetalFX Upscaling allows developers to quickly render complex scenes using less compute-intensive images, then apply resolution scaling and temporal anti-aliasing. The result is accelerated performance that provides gamers with a more responsive feel and stunning graphics.

SharePlay over FaceTime

SharePlay is better on all Apple platforms this year, including Mac. With macOS Ventura, you can now make a FaceTime call while playing your favorite game together. If you don’t want to use FaceTime, you can also be in a message chain.

Launched as an accessibility feature, macOS Ventura allows the use of companion controllers. This is when two controllers can be used in tandem as a single controller.

Speaking of controllers, the Logitech G920 and Logitech G29 racing wheels are now also supported on Mac.

Game Center Activity Feed

Game Center Activity Feed

Apple has updated Game Center for Mac, which is its social backbone that connects gamers with their friends. There will now be a visible activity stream so you can see what others are playing or what achievements they have unlocked.

Game Center will also show you what’s new in Apple Arcade, leaderboards among your friends, and any achievements you’ve unlocked.

New games for Mac

Announced at WWDC, Apple revealed some massive games that are finally making their way to macOS. The new titles are EA GRID Legends, Resident Evil Village and No Man’s Sky.

Some of these games are a bit old, but it’s still great to see them coming to the Mac. Resident Evil and No Man’s Sky are incredible AAA hits that have been sorely missed on Apple’s computing platform.

Hopefully this signals that larger titles will launch on the Mac in the future.

Coming soon

At the moment, macOS Ventura is currently in developer beta. A public beta is expected to be released in July before a full release this fall. Stay tuned AppleInsider as we cycle through more features for Apple’s upcoming software updates.

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