Hope Channel Finland launches free streaming service

In a major new initiative, Hope Channel Finland is launching its newly updated free streaming service. In cooperation with the Union Conference of Churches in Finland, Hope Channel Finland has released major updates to its hopetv.fi website to better interact with secular audiences.

With nearly 100 hours of free content and e-books, including a brand new Finnish translation of the Ellen White classic The great controversy, this update will serve to introduce Jesus and the basic teachings of Christianity to viewers with no religious background. With ReactJS technology, similar to that used by Netflix, and great new productions, hopetv.fi is stepping up to the plate and offering a unique service.

HopeTV offers free e-books like The Great Controversy, which was recently translated into Finnish. [Trans-European Division of Seventh-day Adventists]

In preparation for the launch, a new booklet was created and distributed explaining the main teachings of Christianity in everyday language. “Distributed free to every Finnish household, this amounts to more than 2 million copies,” said Dr Timo Flink, speaker and director of Hope Channel Finland and communications director for Union Finland.

“We expect many people to visit our website for the first time because [a] result of the brochure and advertising campaign,” continued Flink. “It is our prayer that as many as possible will find Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior through our programs freely available to all. It’s an exciting time for us. »

The original article was published on the Trans-European Division website.


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