Here’s why Netflix will win the streaming war

The first quarter of 2022 resulted in a loss of 200,000 subscribers for netflix (NFLX -0.69%), prompting the media to question the company’s position in the streaming wars. Despite a disappointing first quarter, the popularity of Netflix’s latest releases proves that the streamer’s content is more than capable of competing against other platforms. Here’s why Netflix can beat the competition with its content.

Content with power

Netflix has released the first seven episodes of stranger things season 4 May 27. The show racked up 286.79 million watch hours in its first week, breaking the streamer’s record for the biggest premiere ever. The new season featured a Kate Bush song titled “Running Up That Hill”, which peaked at number 5 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and number 1 in the UK, 37 years after its release.

The immense popularity of stranger things saw Netflix create a franchise that has permeated deeply into pop culture. And yet, this is by no means a one-time event. The second season of Bridgerton, which premiered just two months earlier on March 25, held Netflix’s previous record for biggest release weekend. In addition, stranger things has now become the third title to surpass five billion weekly viewing minutes – reaching 5.1 billion – after tiger king with 5.3 billion and ozark with 5.2 billion, all of which are Netflix Originals.

The hit series squid game continues to hold the record for the most popular Netflix series of all time, racking up 1.65 billion hours of viewing in its first 28 days.

Netflix’s immense success with its releases has seen the streaming giant steadily break records as new seasons of stranger things, Bridgertonand squid game have all been released within the past nine months. Developing his first original series in 2013 with Card castlethe company continues to develop impactful content nearly a decade later.

Leader in the creation of new TV franchises

Netflix has always stood out from the competition by creating new intellectual properties (IP) for television that quickly gain a large audience. stranger things, ozark, Bridgerton, squid game, The crown, the witcherand Emily in Paris are just a few of the franchises that Netflix has built from completely original ideas or content never adapted before.

Alternately, disney (SAY -0.28%) has had success on its streaming platform, with the help of major brands such as Star Wars and Marvel. The first episode of the highly anticipated series Obi Wan Kenobi on Disney+ premiered May 27, the same day as season four of stranger things. The star wars The series sparked the biggest premiere weekend for an original series on Disney+ and it was the third time a series on the platform exceeded 1 billion minutes watched in a weekend. ‘opening. The Marvel Series Loki did it twice. However, the first episode of Obi Wan Kenobi averaged 11.2 million viewers, while the first episode of stranger things season 4attracted 12.7 million.

Disney+ will only go so far in relying heavily on popular IPs like Star Wars and Marvel for its best series. These franchises operate in specific genres and don’t offer enough variety to satisfy all subscribers. Netflix’s Most Successful Series of the Previous Year Spans Multiple Genres and Languages, Including Sci-Fi Horror stranger thingshistorical novel Bridgertonand korean survival drama squid game.

Although other platforms, such as HBO Max, have had success with original content, they don’t have as many recent and popular series as Netflix. HBO Max’s Best Series of 2022 So Far Has Been the Original Series Euphoria. The Zendaya-led series has become the second most-watched show for HBO, behind game of thrones. Its second season premiered in January and averaged 16.3 million viewing hours per episode in the month of its release and about 130 million hours for the entire season.

However, HBO Max has relied heavily on older titles and classic franchises to create value for its subscribers. Some of the streamer’s most-watched series include South Park and Friends, which parent company of HBO AT&T is not the direct owner. Even his most recent and upcoming series, such as sex and the city to restart, And just like that; Where game of thrones spin off Dragon House and the recently announced Jon Snow series – build on content that was popular before HBO Max was introduced.

To look forward

If Netflix can continue to develop original content that elicits meaningful fan response, subscribers will see more value in their subscriptions. Keen investors should research Netflix’s upcoming releases and viewership for the best indications that the platform continues to break records and keep viewers happy. It’s also a good idea to check out what other streamers are doing in terms of original content. The situation could change if Disney + can reach the heights of stranger things with a new original title.

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