Henry Cavill spotted at Games Workshop HQ

Witcher star and PC Gaming goodwill ambassador Henry Cavill recently paid a visit to Warhammer World, part of Games Workshop’s UK headquarters, according to social media posts from various Games Workshop employees.

Cavill’s love of the classic tabletop game is well documented. He’s already upheld Warhammer’s honor on no less of a battlefield than Graham Norton’s show, and has also shared his personal miniature painting projects via Instagram.

What makes this visit potentially exciting beyond the joy of knowing that a strong and successful man shares a love of your hobby is Cavill’s previously stated interest in being a part of any potential adaptation of Warhammer 40k.

Speaking to Empire last December, Cavill said: “I would absolutely jump at this opportunity – it’s something I would be very, very excited to do.”

The actor’s presence at Warhammer World certainly doesn’t confirm anything – we’ve contacted Games Workshop and will update this story if we have any news – but it is circumstantial evidence that something could be creeping in.

There’s been a glut of announcements for sci-fi, fantasy, and game adaptations these days. Table-wise, Wizards of the Coast is already pursuing a movie and TV show based on ib Dungeons and Dragons. The rush of announcements can be a little exhausting, but the right talent could really make a project. News of Walton Goggins’ involvement in Amazon’s Fallout series piqued my interest, and Cavill’s talent and screen presence could go a long way in a Warhammer adaptation.

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