HBO Max’s Largest Viewership For Stream-Only Movies – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Father’s Day weekend was the perfect launch pad for Warner Bros’ romantic comedy Andy Garcia-Gloria Estefan father of the bride which ended up being the biggest HBO Max movie premiere ever in four days, especially for a title exclusively made for the streaming service.

father of the bride was the No. 1 title on HBO Max worldwide in its first four days since its launch on Thursday, June 16.

In addition, father of the bride ranked among the 10 most-watched title launches on HBO Max to date in Mexico, based on its first four days.

Mexico is the 2nd strongest country for father of the bride viewing on HBO Max to date, trailing only the US.

As HBO Max seeks to make its mark in Latin America, particularly after a June 2021 launch in the region, a title such as father of the bride fits the bill by appealing to American and local subscribers in its universal story of marriage and in-laws. Father’s Day weekend was the first release date for the production of Plan B, and filmmaker Gary Alazraki is beloved in Mexico for his comedies such as We are the nobles.

As we reported earlier, production executives at Warner Bros. were won over by screenwriter Matt Lopez’s fresh take on the romantic comedy wedding genre. Paul Perez, director of development for Warner Bros., defended the scribe script and won his support during a studio feature development retreat. Perez, who now has a production contract on the Burbank, Calif. lot, dug up the intellectual property for the studio’s portion of the pre-1986 MGM library; the title directed by Vincente Minnelli in 1950, previously licensed to Disney’s Touchstone label, which made the Steve Martin-Diane Keaton-Martin Short remake in the early 1990s, which also spawned a sequel. Perez is also behind Antoine Fuqua’s prequel to training day which takes place during the Los Angeles riots following the Rodney King verdict. The fresh angle of this Latin version of father of the bride: the parents of the bride embodied by Garcia and Estefan are about to divorce.

Samba TV, which has a sample of non-mobile 3M US terrestrial television homes, did not have an audience today for father of the bride due to holidays on June 16. Samba TV recently measured that The Batman was the biggest theatrical title (not exclusively made for the streamer) in its first week on HBO Max, watched by 4.1 million households.

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