Guardian Games returns to Destiny 2 on May 3

Destiny 2’s Guardian Games will make their third annual return to the Tower on May 3. The competition to see which of the three Guardian classes are second and third best (it’s a poorly kept secret that the Titans are obviously first), begins Tuesday and will run until the end of the season, the 24th. may.

As usual, players will undertake small quests to earn medals and turn them in to increase their class’ position in the ranks. But this year, Bungie is bringing back an oft-requested feature for the duration of the event: Strike Scoring.

Rather than rushing through strikes, players will be given special quests to do the most damage possible, killing enemies in unique ways. This feature will manifest in two different Strike playlists: Training and Competition. The Training playlist will be active Tuesday through Thursday each week. The rest of the week, from Friday to Monday, players can access the competitive playlist to earn better rewards.

By getting high scores, players can unlock torches in the tower, which give their guardian a special glow on their right shoulder. Players can get glimmers on their left shoulder by handing in medals to help their class win. For their trouble, players will earn the new submachine gun “The Title”, which comes with a special Origin perk called Classy Contender (kills payback class ability energy).

Image: Bungie

Bungie is also making slight changes to the medal drop weightings for the event – due to the discrepancy in player population between classes. Classes that fall behind and place second or third will earn proportional multipliers for the rest of the event. This will also take last season’s data into account, meaning the Titans (who were awarded third place last year, despite winning in 2020) will receive the biggest boost. Warlocks will get a small boost for securing second place, and Hunters will get very little boost since winning in 2021.

Finally, Bungie announced some exciting loot coming soon Fate 2 May 24, with the new season. The seasonal ritual weapon will be a machine gun called chain of command. Players will also be able to earn Nightfalls’ Horror’s Least Pulse Rifle, as well as the beloved DFA Hand Cannon. Trials of Osiris will receive the Forgiveness handgun and the Burden of Guilt fusion rifle.

But before players can get their hands on these new weapons, they’ll have to throw down the gauntlet in Guardian Games 2022. May the top class win.

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