Google unveils Immersive Stream for Games, its service that lets businesses use Stadia technology

At his Google Developer Summit for GamesGoogle today unveiled Stadia’s B2B offering called “Immersive Stream for Games.” The offering, which was created in partnership with Google Cloud, will allow companies to take advantage of Stadia’s underlying platform technology and deliver games directly to gamers. With this offer, Google is diversifying by opening Stadia’s streaming technology to other companies.

Google says the service will allow companies to perform game trials, offer subscription packages or entire storefronts. Google began working with AT&T last year to pilot the new offering. AT&T used the service to bring Batman: Arkham Knight to thousands of users for free. The company will use Immersive Stream for Games to power another game coming soon to its customers, which will be playable on web and mobile. Google plans to further expand the immersive stream for games this year.

“The Google for Games Developer Summit is designed to support studios of all sizes, with tools and innovations from teams across Google,” Stadia Chief Product Officer Dov Zimring said in a statement emailed to TechCrunch. “The core features we’re talking about today benefit both the development journey and the player experience for Immersive Stream for Games customers, including Stadia. In partnership with Google Cloud, we’re working to develop the technology underlying cloud gaming platform that powers both Stadia and our customer offerings through Immersive Stream for Games. A rising tide for cloud gaming is lifting Immersive Stream for Games as well as Stadia, and we’re excited for what’s to come. happen in 2022 and beyond.

The official unveiling of the offer by Google follows a report As of February, this indicated that the company was no longer prioritizing Stadia and focusing on securing deals with companies through a B2B cloud gaming service. Today’s announcement finally gives a name to this project.

Google Stadia Store

Picture credits: Google Stadia

As for Stadia itself, Google has announced plans to launch new features to make it easier for gamers to discover and play games. Google allows users to browse games in the Stadia store without needing to sign in to the service or create a Stadia account. The company says this will make it easier for users to browse the titles available on the store.

Google is also launching new “Click to Play Trials” to allow gamers to try out games on Stadia. Players can try out games without having to pay or create a Stadia account. Developers can choose the length of a play trial. The company launched its “Click to Play Trials” pilot phase last October with selected developers. In the first public test, Google found that gamers are about 35% more likely to respond to a “Click to play trials” promotion than to a traditional “buy or claim” message. Google plans to make trials an option for all titles on Stadia in 2022.

The company is also working to make it easier for businesses to port Windows games to Stadia. Its new “Low change porting” toolkit is designed to reduce the time and resources needed for developers to bring games to Stadia. Google revealed that more than 10 studios, including Paradox Interactive and Team 17, are currently testing the toolkit in order to port their Windows games to Stadia. The new toolkit will be made more widely available to developers later this year.

It’s no surprise that Google is looking to provide Stadia game streaming technology to other companies, as Google has struggled to grow and scale Stadia in the past few years since its launch. launch in 2019. Although the company originally planned to release exclusive titles, Google shut down Stadia’s in-house game studios in early 2021.

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