Globe’s “good gaming” esports platform promotes responsible and inclusive gaming

GLOBE has ensured that its all-in-one gaming platform is easy enough to use for all types of gamers, whether a gamer is casually playing Genshin Impact to pass the time or intensely competing with friends. on Mobile Legends.

At the same time, Globe also continues to work with its partners to promote the benefits of the global phenomenon and the benefits that esports offers to the digital community.

Rina Siongco, head of the Get Entertained Tribe at Globe, said that online games are undeniably an important part of the lives of young people today.

“Globe games and esports therefore aims to support this movement by highlighting the good that gaming does for its stakeholders,” Siongco said. “Whether it’s the analytical skills players learn from strategy games and improving communication and coordination with friends when playing, learning to multitask and managing more effectively time and finances through esports.”

Siongco added, “We approach gaming and esports from a holistic perspective, engaging the Globe player from the time they play casually to the time they transition into something more competitive.”

“We also combine all of these efforts through the ‘Game Well-Played’ campaign which is unique to Globe in that it highlights all the positive aspects of the game,” she said.

Globe’s “Game Well-Played” campaign brings together gamers of all skill levels from across the country to “flex the good in gaming, build understanding and garner support from the gaming industry across the Philippines.”

This is part of Globe’s responsible gaming efforts in line with its commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which highlight the role of infrastructure and innovation as key drivers of growth. economy and development in the context of SDG 9.

“While most campaigns focus on the hyper-competitive side of esports, Globe chooses to educate and champion the positives and benefits that the game actually brings,” Siongco said.

Globe works closely with partners such as AcadArena, whose #NotJustPlay campaign is aligned with Globe’s approach.

“It goes beyond competitions and includes education, community support and other initiatives. We are also aligning with other partners for adaptive campaigns such as Pride Month, Women’s Month and other relevant causes,” added Siongco.

The Globe Gamer Grounds platform was designed as a “gateway to good gaming”. Developed in collaboration with Telekom Malaysia and Swarmio Media, its innovative products and tools enable all types of gamers to pursue long-lasting and enjoyable games.

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