Gaming Veteran Christopher Bergstresser Leads Esports Mogul’s Video Game Expansion Strategy

Esports Mogul had over $5 million in the bank at the end of the December quarter to fund its expansion plans, while maintaining its “best-in-class” esports tournament platform.

Former SEGA and Enad Global 7 COO Christopher Bergstresser has joined the board of Esports Mogul (ASX:ESH) to drive its expansion strategy into the gaming industry.

Mr. Bergstresser joined Mogul’s board as a non-executive director in November following an extensive global search.

The following month, Mr. Bergstresser was then appointed executive director to lead the company’s “buy and build strategy” (mergers and acquisitions) in video games.

According to Mogul, Mr. Bergstresser has 30 years of experience building, buying and building businesses in the video game and mobile phone industries.

Mr. Bergstresser’s most recent role was as Chief Operating Officer of Nasdaq First North-listed Enad Global, where he led the Swedish company’s expansion through merger and acquisition activities. acquisition in video games.

Mogul chairman Gernot Abl said Mr Bergstresser’s appointment was “very exciting” for the company and he looked forward to seeing where he could take him in the future.

Purchase and construction strategy

According to Abl, buy-and-build is a proven approach to achieving “meaningful returns for investors” in video games.

The company will initially focus on small to mid-size gaming companies with strong founding leadership teams, excellent intellectual property, and already engaged audiences to ensure scalability and continued growth.

Investment targets may include mobile or PC games with existing or new business models such as play-to-win.

“The key difference between Mogul and other buy-and-build game companies is our focus on managing operational synergies from the first acquisition,” Abl said.

He added that operational synergies will include common financial infrastructure and data visualization, as well as centralization of legal and HR services.

“We believe this will allow the group companies to focus on what they do best: making best-in-class games.”

He noted that the structure would also allow companies to learn from each other by sharing experiences, finding new ways to innovate and grow while reducing risk.

Cashed in to further expand

To accelerate Mogul’s buy-and-build strategy, an oversubscribed placement of $1.6 million was made late last year.

Following the placement, Mogul had more than $5 million in cash in its back at the end of the December quarter.

These cash reserves are deemed sufficient to fund both plans to buy and build Mogul and to maintain its esports tournament platform.

Mogul Tournament Platform

Mogul already owns and operates the tournament platform. It includes automation of major esports titles and chat and streaming features on the platform.

With its centralized offering, the platform attracts esports teams, tournament organizers, influencers, community groups, game publishers, and gamers of all skill levels.

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