Famous YouTuber Abhimanyu Gupta, who committed robberies and burglaries to lead a lavish life, arrested

Abhimanyu Gupta (Instagram)

Photo: now digital mirror

Bombay: Abhimanyu Gupta, a 30-year-old social media influencer and famous YouTuber who allegedly committed multiple robberies and burglaries to lead a lavish life was arrested in Mumbai on Thursday, police said.
VB Nagar Police in Mumbai also seized 14 mobile phones, edged weapons, duplicate jewelry as well as foreign currency in his possession. Gupta was convicted under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), including 380 (robbery from a dwelling house), according to reports.
Outside of YouTube, Gupta once had a huge following on TikTok, a short form video hosting service that has been banned in India.

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Police said Gupta used to commit burglaries in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and in Thane district to fund his lavish lifestyle. He used to walk around with a cap and face mask to conceal his identity, reported NDTV.

Gupta had broken into a locked house in Kurla suburb, east Mumbai, and decamped with gold and silver ornaments. The case came to light after the family residing in the house found the ornaments missing after returning the house.

Police Deputy Inspector (PSI) Padmakar Patil informed that based on the complaint from the family in Kurla, the police launched an investigation and reviewed more than 150 CCTV footage.

“Initially, the investigative team was unable to identify Gupta as he was wearing a cap and face mask. But in one of the images, he had removed his cap and face mask, and we have identified as TikToker Gupta,” the PSI said.

Later, police learned that Gupta had targeted a house in Kurla and as a result, VB Nagar police set a trap and caught him as he tried to rob a house in the area.

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During police questioning, the accused Gupta confessed to committing more than 15 burglaries in the Mumbai area, including four in Kurla, police said, as reported by the police. NDTV.

The police further revealed that Gupta even had a habit of stealing shoes and slippers kept outside the house. Police found four burlap sacks filled with shoes from his house during searches.

Abhimanyu Gupta also admitted that he used to spend the money he received after selling the valuables stolen from casinos and to buy expensive clothes, Patil added.

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