Elvantis Introduces Metaverse-Inspired NFT Game That Rewards Players With Crypto

Elvantis has announced plans to release a metaverse-inspired online NFT game that takes gamers and NFT art enthusiasts beyond the limits. The gaming ecosystem combines the best aspects of gaming with the addictive thrill of amassing digital collectibles.

Quebec, Canada, Jan. 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via blockchain thread) Players can explore a metaverse built around a gripping narrative and grab NFTs to add to their collection. They can then use their collectibles to enhance the power of avatars or trade them on the intergalactic market to earn crypto.

The metaverse-inspired game brings unique characters and stories, cutting-edge graphics and animations that aim to deliver a fun digital experience. The platform will feature lots of mini-games with engaging gameplay and features that allow users to combine skill, luck, and investment to increase their NFT collections and crypto income.

Get ready for the launch of the Elvantis token and NFTs

The official launch of the ELV token and the NFT sale is expected to begin in early February 2022. The events will begin on February 1 at 23:00 UTC with the presale of ULTRAGLOW, a rare and highly sought-after Xspace NFT. The Lands presale will follow shortly after on February 2.

Investors will then be invited to participate in the public token sale on February 4. The event will allow participants to purchase and claim up to 100% of their ELV and NTF tokens.

After completing pre-sale events, the team will add liquidity on Pancakesawp and announce the listing schedule and market open in other exchanges.

How to Win in the Elvantis Metaverse

The game lets users explore the digital universe as a bounty hunter to find and build the best Alien. During their journey through space, players can discover intergalactic treasure chests that contain rare and valuable collectibles.

Holders of rare NFTs can exchange their collectibles for crypto or use them to equip their avatars with the tools they need to explore the universe. The further a player ventures into space, the more likely they are to discover the rarest and most valuable items in chests and adventures.

Bounty hunters can also find tools and abilities that make their alien better equipped to explore and access rarer items that yield higher crypto rewards. Additionally, Elvantis users can increase their income by starting a farm that facilitates the passive growth of their NFTs.

About Elvantis

Elvantis is a decentralized cross-chain application that runs on multiple blockchains including Ethereum, BSC, and Matic. The experienced team of developers behind Metaverse is committed to delivering the future of play-to-earn gaming.

To connect with the community and follow upcoming developments on the Elvantis metaverse, check out the social pages below:

CONTACT: Julio Cesar da Silva Bernardes [email protected] (at) elvantis.com

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