Demeo’s Hero Hangout Turns Game Stores Into Social Virtual Reality

I learned that social virtual reality is all about context.

Last week, for example, I had a disappointing experience inside Horizon Venues’ Foo Fighters “concert,” in which a flat-screen performance dug into the background while virtual avatars spoke. around the show and usually got in the way. I wondered why anyone would be attracted to this kind of event when the technology lagged so far behind the reality.

The Demeo Hero Hangout, meanwhile, is a different story.

Demeo’s new social hub unveiled

As with Resolution Games‘ Blaston social space (or Echo VR’s own spaces), Heroes’ Hangout is a modest exploration of what spatial gaming lobbies can be. Up to 12 players can join private or public rooms to meet friends or other players. From there, they can take the rulebook from one of Demeo’s three existing campaigns, place it on a table, and three more can come and join them.

It’s a simple and effective idea, enhanced by its dressing set. Much like the base game emulates a lively game night with friends in an 80s basement, Heroes’ Hangout feels like a trip to your local game store, where you can browse comics and play minis. -games. These are fun little distractions, like target practice with a plastic bow and arrow, and a sturdier arcade game played inside a cabinet. Hauntlet, as it’s knowingly called, is a simple top-down shooter that you control using the thumbsticks and touch buttons, serving as a fun waste of time waiting for others to join you.

None of this is particularly groundbreaking, then, but it’s a really beneficial addition to an already great game that will make it easier for anyone looking for new teammates to get into matches. You can perhaps imagine a time when a hub like this would allow you to switch between Resolution Games offerings, but as things stand it’s a great place to start build a more focused and genuinely useful form of social virtual reality. .

Heroes’ Hangout is coming to the PC VR and Quest versions of Demeo as a free update on February 24.

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