Dave Grohl Tells the Shocking Story of How He Was Shocked by a Distortion Pedal at a Corporate Concert in Las Vegas

Foo Fighters frontman and electric guitarist Dave Grohl recently sat down for an interview on the ultra-popular YouTube series, The hottest.

In case you weren’t aware of the show – which is hosted by Sean Evans – its premise is basically that guests answer questions while eating a series of sauce-coated chicken wings that gradually become spicier during the interview.

It’s almost always entertaining, especially with such a gregarious guest as Grohl, who dutifully enlivened the show with anecdotes about the barbecue, his favorite drummers and… the time he was electrocuted on stage by a distortion pedal. .

This latest anecdote came in response to Evans asking Grohl about the second the worst injury he’s ever suffered onstage (second, of course, after the infamous 2015 incident in which Grohl broke his leg while performing with the Foo Fighters in Gothenburg, Sweden) .

“I electrocuted myself once on stage, for real,” Grohl told Evans around the 12th minute. “We played a fucking corporate gig for Dr. Martens in Las Vegas [at] a hotel, and there was a pool, and the stage was right next to that pool. I thought it would be funny [to] invite everyone in the pool with me during this jam.

“Fuck, I jumped in the pool, and the whole audience is following me into the pool, and we’re all partying. Then I come back on stage, someone hands me my guitar, and I step on my distortion pedal and [Grohl mimics beings electrocuted]. It was like a real electrocution! It sucked.”

Grohl appeared on the show to promote Workshop 666a feature-length comedy-horror starring all six Foo Fighters, set to hit theaters tomorrow, February 25.

The film follows the band as they attempt to record their 10th studio album in an old mansion in Encino, California only to find themselves threatened by supernatural forces.

The film’s soundtrack will be partly produced by fictional thrash metal band Dream Widow, who, according to the story, recorded a tape at the aforementioned haunted mansion. A song by the band (the Foo Fighters in all but name) titled March of the Fools was released last week and is likely part of the full metal album Grohl says he recorded to coincide with the film’s release.

For good measure, the film also features a cameo from the hands of Steve Vai in one particularly heavy scene.

For more information on which theaters are showing the film, visit Studio 666 website.

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