Cyberpunk 2077 mod adds intense vehicular combat and police chases

Cyberpunk 2077’s multitude of futuristic vehicles are primarily there to help you get around from place to place. Sure, they look very cool, but sometimes you get the feeling that maybe they could play a part in more than just traversing.

The Scissors Vehicle Combat mod on NexusMods seeks to solve this problem. The main feature of the mod, as the title suggests, is to allow players to aim and fire weapons while driving Cyberpunk 2077’s platformers. In Scissor’s own words, “There was a feature in the game code to allow the player to use weapons while driving. It appears to have been disabled, but thanks to some workarounds, it has now been largely restored.”

That in itself is pretty neat already, but the mod also ensures you’ll have a use for the new vehicular combat system. Cyberpunk 2077 received a lot of criticism for how the police response worked in the base game, with the cops materializing in the general area where you commit a crime and not chasing you much beyond that.

Vehicle Combat retools the wanted system not only for the NCPD, but also for the various gangs and factions that populate Night City. Enemies in the open world, police scanner missions, and gigs will now call save their respective factions (Scavengers, Tyger Claws, etc.) unless you disable their comms, and chase you with vehicles if your desired level is high enough.

Scissors is still working on a few implementation issues, but the mod is largely playable in Cyberpunk 2077’s big 1.5 patch.

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