Cooler Master MM311 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Cooler Master has added to its impressive lineup of peripherals with the Cooler Master MM311 Wireless Mouse, an incredibly lightweight gaming mouse with plenty of power. I’ve been lucky enough to use it lately and have a lot of thoughts.

First, the mouse weighed only 77g with a battery. Picking it up for the first time, he legitimately felt like he was missing the inside. Its light weight was just the beginning of how easy it is to move; its PTFE feet have virtually no resistance on the surfaces I’ve used it on. Even when moving from one surface to another, the Cooler Master MM311 Wireless Gaming Mouse glides like it’s on butter.

The optical sensor is another big selling point as it’s adjustable up to 10,000 DPI, which can be customized to suit the experience you’re looking for no matter what game or program you’re using. Its sensitivity surprised me when I first used it, watching my cursor dive across the screen in the blink of an eye (I’ve since adjusted it to my liking.

The Cooler Master MM311 gaming mouse has 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, which allowed me to game without lag and without response issues. Its sensor gave me pinpoint accuracy when aiming my weapons.

“Even when moving from one surface to another, the Cooler Master MM311 Wireless Gaming Mouse glides like it’s on butter.”

Battery life was excellent for the Cooler Master MM311 Wireless Gaming Mouse. I used it constantly during my time with the mouse while gaming, editing, and bringing it to my daily work. It got around 12 hours a day of persistent use and the mouse performed beautifully the entire time. The single AA battery is also a good solution for its power supply, as it helps keep the mouse lighter than an internal rechargeable battery.

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The 6-button mouse gives you a wide range of control in one hand, giving you quick access to a number of commands that can be harder to control on a keyboard when using those WASD keys. Switching a number of commands from your keyboard to your mouse hand keeps you from searching for that hotkey while you, if you’re like me, try to run for your life against superior players.

The Cooler Master MM311 is compatible with their software, MasterPlus+, allowing you to control a number of aspects of the mouse, including its RGB. You can sync mouse lighting with any number of other rooms and devices, including tower fans, keyboards, and even desks. It’s a great software setup for those who want to consolidate their gear into one solid look, color match, and create a nice flow for your gaming setup.

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