AppleTV-Major League Baseball streaming deal only hurts fans

1. AppleTV announced Tuesday that its first Major League Baseball TV show will be the Mets-Nationals game on April 8.

This is Max Scherzer’s first start as the Met. The game is exclusive to AppleTV+. It will not air locally in New York or Washington. It’s AppleTV+ or bust.

Some short-sighted people believe it’s baseball’s way of “growing up,” but most fans are angry that they can’t see their team play. I have several thoughts about all of this, so let’s go:

• The first game will be free. You don’t need to pay for an AppleTV+ subscription. You just need to download the app. That’s good, but it’s still a downside for a lot of people.

• The game will not feature local broadcasters. So if you’re a Mets fan, you won’t have Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling calling Scherzer’s first start.

• It’s a Friday night. If you want to go to a bar and watch the game or maybe check in while you’re in a restaurant having dinner, you’re probably out of luck unless the bars, which all have cable or satellite, have thought ahead. and downloaded Apple TV+.

• Baseball fans already pay around $100 for a local cable or satellite package. Some baseball fans pay extra for the MLB TV package. Now they have to pay for AppleTV+ and Peacock. When is enough?

• Putting games on AppleTV+ or Peacock will not grow Major League Baseball. If a 25-year-old isn’t a baseball fan now, he won’t become one because he noticed the games would be on AppleTV+ on Friday nights. If you want to attract new fans to MLB, reduce the length of games, market superstars and broadcast games on channels where Continued people can see them.

Streaming will do nothing to help the sport when batters are out of the box for 10 minutes after every pitch and pitchers are leisurely walking around the mound after every pitch.

The best player in the game, Mike Trout, is basically a non-entity in this country. Major League Baseball can link up with every streaming service in the world, but if your best player isn’t pulling in viewers a la Tom Brady or LeBron James, you’re still screwed.

• I understand the desire to attract younger viewers, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of your older viewers. Many of you reading this right now are thinking, “This guy is such a jerk. It’s not that hard to use AppleTV. Yes, for many people this won’t be a big deal. But there are still a significant number of people who don’t use streaming services, and casually dismissing them is a mistake.

• As Chris “Mad Dog” Russo said (in his own way) on his SiriusXM show on Tuesday, it’s “fun baseball, and it’s dangerous.”

2. If Major League Baseball wants to “grow” the game, take a lesson from Japanese baseball. Tsuyoshi Shinjo is the manager of the Nippon-Ham Fighters in Sapporo. He made his home debut on Tuesday and entered the game in a hovercraft!

Hovercraft > streaming games exclusively on a streaming service.

3. This week IS Media Podcast released this morning and it features interviews with CBS’ Greg Gumbel and WWE Superstar Seth Rollins.

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Gumbel, who is in his 50th year as a sports broadcaster, talks about the challenges of doing studio work for the NCAA tournament, how tournament coverage has changed over the years and what it’s like to work with Charles Barkley. Other topics discussed with Gumbel include his love of the Rolling Stones, his time doing sports radio at WFAN in New York, his collaboration with Bill Walton and Terry Bradshaw, what he thinks about the massive salaries broadcasters are currently earning. NFL and more.

After Gumbel, Seth Rollins joins the podcast to talk about Wrestle Mania 38his current story where he has no opponent for Mania, his thoughts on AEW mentioning WWE Superstars on their show, working with Roman Reigns, why Vince McMahon deleted something Rollins wanted to do, how he handles the fatherhood and more.

Following Rollins’ interview, Sal Licata of WFAN and SNY in New York joins Jimmy for the weekly “Traina Thoughts” segment. Topics this week include issues with MLB streaming, Jimmy’s visit to the restaurant featured on Seinfeld, and reading reviews from the podcast.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it from Apple, Spotify and Stitcher.

4. It was announced on Tuesday that the Lions would appear in the next episode of HBO hard knocks. Wednesday, Hello Soccer released a “trailer” for the show.

Bovada has also published bets on the next season of hard knocks.

Will the word “kneecaps” be spoken in episode 1?
Yes +225
No -350

Hard Knocks 2022 – Will Dan Campbell be shown in the weight room lifting weights in Episode 1?

Yes +600
No -1200

5. Where are we at Jets quarterback Zach Wilson wearing a Jets hat while enjoying a day at the beach? Coup de force or corny?

6. There’s just something wholesome and charming about the greatest quarterback in NFL history using Jonah Hill’s played GIF.

7. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: Paul Herman, the actor who played Beansie in The Sopranosdied at the age of 76. While the character only appeared in a few episodes, they were certainly memorable thanks to Beansie’s feud with Richie Aprile.

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