AniFi World Steps Up – Launches ANIFI Token After Booming Presale on GemPad, Staking and More to Come


CAPE CORAL, FL, Sept. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AniFi World, a free and smart Oracle-based NFT card game where anyone can earn tokens by playing the game, collecting NFT items and training characters to sell in the market, has just launched its native token, $ ANIFI, on PancakeSwap. Recently, AniFi World had its successful pre-sale on GemPad, with a fixed cap of 210,000 BUSD, which was filled in less than 2 hours.

AniFi World is an innovative cryptocurrency platform created to alter the narratives of the gaming industry with its beautiful Kawaii Japanese-style NFT approaches. It provides a decentralized and free NFT Card GameFi.

AniFi World – NFT Play-to-Earn Game

AniFi World aspires to be the most spectacular card game on the blockchain by allowing everyone to play for free. Their fundamental token is $ANIFI, which is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The game will be launched on a side chain to minimize gas costs to play. It will continue to play on the blockchain for the sake of transparency and decentralization. ($ANI may be bridged)

Each hero (character) in the game is represented by a card that users can use to level up, fight monsters, acquire items, and upgrade the hero’s skills. Players can level up stages and earn more once the heroes are more powerful.

PVE Battle will be the first game mode released in AniFi World. The game’s gameplay is semi-turn-based, a cross between turn-based and real-time tactics. AniFi World will consist of 20 stages with various monsters. In each phase, players must assemble a team of up to five heroes to battle. Players must use stamina to enter a stage. Entering each stage will cost a varying amount of stamina.

Also, the creators always appreciate the decisions of the community and therefore they will be governed by $ANIFI through a DAO system. Assets are player-owned NFTs issued under the ERC-1155 standard that can be traded on their marketplace or sold to other players via P2P.

Tokenomics and distribution

$ANIFI is a BEP-20 token with a maximum supply of $ANI 200,000,000. It is the native currency and governance token of AniFi World. All transactions in AniFi World will be done through $ANIFI (minting, upgrading, buying and trading NFTs in the market).

Token name: AniFi World

Token symbol: ANIFI

Network: BEP-20

Maximum supply: 200,000,000 ANIFI


  • Buy: 0%

  • Sell: 2%

  • Transfer: 0%

Contract address: 0x4c161d6Cf0ec884141c44c852510Ff5B1b2D5092

The smart Oracle works similar to the well-known oracle pricing structure. Rewards are calculated using BUSD value and are distributed in $ANIFI. Where their “Smart Oracle” differs from a conventional Oracle is that they will limit the prizes awarded each day to avoid handing out too much $ANIFI while maintaining rewards high enough to keep people playing.

Also, AniFi World’s staking protocol will be live in the next 24 hours. The project has successfully fulfilled the Smart Contract Security Audit criteria by Versatile financing. A number of planned collaborations with gaming guilds and AMA tours in the biggest crypto communities will take the project to new heights.

For more information, potential investors can visit the official site or join Telegram Where Twitter to engage with the community.

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