Alienware’s Concept Nyx is like a Plex server for your PC games

What if you could start playing Infinite halo on your TV, keep mowing grunts during a bathroom break, and end your laptop session when you’re supposed to be working? That’s the basic idea behind Alienware’s Concept Nyx, a server powerful enough to run all your games on your home network. Think of it like Plex for gaming, but instead of opening up your video library, it’s about bringing your games to all of your devices.

Considering the push towards game streaming from Google Stadia and Xbox, Alienware may have come across an interesting solution for multi-player households. You could potentially run two games on your TV at once, as we saw in a recent demo in New York. Where you could play Cyberpunk while someone else is perfecting their Rocket league skills on another device. Since all network rendering and processing takes place in your home, Nyx would also have a lower latency experience than traditional cloud games, which sit on servers hundreds of miles away.

Concept is the key word here, however. Alienware reps wouldn’t tell us what powers the mysterious Nyx server, which looked like a huge gaming desktop computer. And while Engadget’s Cherlynn Low and I could play Cyberpunk 2077 and Rocket league simultaneously on a single TV, games ran in tiny windows. It wasn’t far from the sleek half-screen experience that Dell shows in the promotional images.

A little like Alienware UFO Concept, a Switch-like portable gaming PC that was first introduced two years ago, Nyx may never see the light of day. But we might see parts of it in future products, just as the way the UFO controller is used Nyx demonstrates. The concept of a game server could potentially make streaming from your platform easier. This is something we can already do with Steam’s remote play feature, but perhaps Dell could make it a bit easier to play all your titles all over your house. The company says it’s also exploring ways to run four games at once, as well as methods of collecting all of your titles no matter where you’ve installed them.

Alienware Concept Nyx UFO Controller

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