Alabama House Speaker Mac McCutcheon Says No Gaming Bill Will Be Approved In 2022 Session

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – There are four days left in the Alabama legislative session for 2022.

A number of bills remain on the table, including a measure that would ban the teaching of “dividing concepts” in Alabama public schools.

But a long-awaited measure will not pass this year.

Alabama House Speaker Mac McCutchen told News 19 on Monday that no gambling bill would pass this session. This came in response to a question about the lottery, so it also looks like there won’t be a lottery bill this year.

There seemed to be some momentum for a lottery bill and possibly casino games and sports betting during this session. A House committee passed a lottery bill and a Senate committee passed a comprehensive gambling bill, but the House speaker says they won’t happen this year.

The lottery measure was estimated to have the potential to raise between $198 million and $285 million per year. The measure included money for college scholarships and student debt relief. But, Alabama Rep. Chip Brown, R-Mobile, said the legislature must pass the measure this year.

The casino gambling bill, which also included a lottery, was expected to bring in between $267 million and $404 million a year – outside of lottery revenue – and it included casino games, sports betting, a pact with the Poarch Creek Indians which include a new casino in Jackson or DeKalb County.

Alabama is one of five lottery-free states – and one of them is Nevada.

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