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I own three Airport Express (2nd Gen) which I use strictly as Airplay access points for the speakers. All are on firmware version 7.8.1. They worked very well for several years as Airplay access points. However, about a year ago I started noticing these devices randomly dropping Airplay. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern. Sometimes it will drop the broadcast signal within minutes. Sometimes I can stream for over an hour before the signal drops. They do not fall in unison. For example, if I broadcast on all 3, one of them may drop while the other two continue to broadcast. I’ve tried using different streaming devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac) but the problem is constant regardless of the streaming device. I tried to restore the airport firmware, but the problem persists.
I also have AppleTVs, and they don’t suffer from the same problem. Basically, I can stream on an AppleTV indefinitely. The same is true for other Airplay 2 compatible devices. The issue is specific to the three Airplay Express units I own.

When the Airplay signal drops, I am unable to reconnect immediately. To reconnect, either I have to wait a few minutes (about 2-3), or I can reset the Airport (unplug/replug).

My main router is an Asus RT-AX58U. I think the problem may be network related. I know enough to set up a basic home network, but I’m no networking expert.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Troubleshooting recommendations?

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