AAG doubles its Web3 bet with MetaOne dApp Store

Web3 infrastructure company AAG has launched a new decentralized application marketplace, MetaOne dApp Store, designed to simplify the integration of NFT projects and metaverse products.

MetaOne dApp Store also aims to become a community-driven project, with a self-sustaining ecosystem within the larger Web3 infrastructure.

With its range of over 1100 dapps, at launch, this ambitious project seeks to become a one-stop-shop for all things crypto, going beyond games and decentralized exchanges. The team behind her is very committed to the project and puts more emphasis on safety and sustainability.

Focusing on the vision of a community-driven ecosystem, MetaOne dApp Store excludes any high-risk dApps from potential raffles, scams or ponzi schemes. Users are also guaranteed to land on the right website to avoid phishing scams.

A useful feature of the MetaOne dApp Store will consist of informative descriptions and categorizations (e.g. type of dApp, blockchain, supported platform(s), etc.) to learn more about a particular dApp . With this, the platform provides a complete user experience for dapp users, allowing them to seamlessly explore and track applications and resources. Content will be available in written and video form while offering the latest news and happenings on individual dApps.

AAG has several releases planned for the rest of 2022, its next major product launch will be its portfolio in the fourth quarter of this year. The MetaOne dApp Store will also be integrated with the MetaOne wallet, allowing users to connect their wallet directly to dApps. The easy-to-use wallet will provide a one-stop-shop for users’ metaverse and blockchain identity, which is another much-needed UX improvement for using Web3 apps.

“We are very excited to launch the MetaOne dApp Store, providing our wallet users with a gateway to Web3 that makes their wallet more than just a crypto asset management app. The curated list will help users, both those new to blockchain and OGs, navigate the choppy seas of Web3, where a scam is, unfortunately, always around the corner,” said Jack Vinijtrongjit, CEO and co-founder of AAG.

AAG, which stands for “Achip and Achair Global”, has launched a number of new products to expand beyond the play-to-earn (P2E) games that helped make its name, to strengthen its position as as a platform for websites and related applications. commercial infrastructure. MetaOne dApp Store potentially represents its biggest leap forward away from the gaming space.

The company is also expanding its bet on the Metaverse after a successful year of creating value for disadvantaged people who have used AAG to benefit from the Play2Earn revolution.

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