A first limited NFT offering for the Atari virtual world in Alphaverse, the CBI metaverse

Crypto blockchain industries (CBI):

A first limited NFT offering for the Atari virtual world in Alphaverse, the CBI metaverse

CRYPTO BLOCKCHAIN ​​INDUSTRIES (CBI, Euronext Growth Paris: FR00140062P9, ALCBI) is launching a limited NFT version of properties in CBI’s Atari-branded AlphaVerse virtual neighborhood, located in CBI’s AlphaVerse Metaverse core product.

AlphaVerse is making available a total of 40 virtual apartments within their Atari Alphaverse as NFTs, which will exist in the AlphaVerse core and will be located in the Atari AlphaVerse virtual neighborhood. These NFTs will be available for sale through Opensea.io and Venly, with 20 NFTs on Opensea available only against Atari tokens and 20 on Venly against WETH.

These first sales will be made through an auction process ending on December 23, 2021. Other Atari Alphaverse branded NFTs will be published in early 2022, on Binance Smart Chain.

AlphaVerse, CBI’s core Metaverse product, is slated for launch in summer 2022 and will feature various worlds focused on music, artists and brands, including an Atari-branded AlphaVerse virtual neighborhood.

Founded by Frédéric Chesnais, former CEO and main shareholder of flagship games company Atari, and scheduled for launch in summer 2022, AlphaVerse will enable the seamless integration of NFTs and blockchain-based technology products into various forms of entertainment. AlphaVerse is designed to be a centralized hub of Metaverse universes (or virtual neighborhoods), where consumers can purchase plots of land, buildings, houses and other virtual items presented as NFTs, which ensure secure transactions and secure digital property.

For more information on AlphaVerse, investors and fans can visit www.cbicorp.io Where www.alphaverse.com and follow them on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


CRYPTO BLOCKCHAIN ​​INDUSTRIES (“CBI”) is a French company which develops, operates and invests in video games, commercial applications and selected projects relating to blockchain, non-fungible tokens (“NFT”) and crypto currencies. Founded by Frédéric Chesnais, renowned entrepreneur in the gaming industry and blockchain pioneer, CBI aims to develop and unlock value from a portfolio of blockchain activities in multiple industries (video games, finance, logistics, etc.) in order to capitalize on this technology, either directly or through partnerships. CBI has already made several investments and is currently developing AlphaVerse, a virtual world or metaverse based on blockchain technology which will open in the summer of 2022. CBI has been admitted to trading on the EI compartment (qualified investors) of the Euronext Growth Paris market since October 26 2021. Find out more about www.cbicorp.io.

CBI products are created and offered by Crypto Blockchain Industries, SA, an independent licensee of Atari Interactive, Inc. CBI products have not been authorized or sponsored by Atari, SA or its affiliates.


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