A fifth of American teens use YouTube ‘almost constantly’, with TikTok not far behind

Pew Research published a which examines trends in social media use among American adolescents. The organization found that a whopping 95 percent of them use while 19% are on the platform “almost constantly”.

Unsurprisingly, two-thirds (67%) said they had used , with 16% claiming to be on the app “almost constantly”. The third most popular social media platform among teens is , by Pew, with 62% using it. A tenth say they use it almost all the time, although the app sometimes tells them to. . A previous poll found that 52% used Instagram (Pew didn’t ask about YouTube usage for this survey and TikTok didn’t exist at the time).

also increased among teens, with 59% using it in 2022, up from 41% in the previous survey. was the number one social media app among teens seven years ago, with 71% using it, but that number has dropped to 32%. Adoption by adolescents of (down from 33% to 23%) and (14% to 5%) also decreased over the same period.

The 2014-15 survey did not ask about , Where . One-fifth of teens use Twitch these days, 17% are on WhatsApp, and 14% access Reddit. For what it’s worth, the previous poll suggested that 33% of teens use Google+, while a quarter use Vine. This time around, Pew didn’t ask teens about their use of or social play spaces such as .

Pew surveyed 1,316 teenagers aged 13 to 17 (and one of their parents) in April and May. He revealed that boys were more likely to use YouTube, Twitch and Reddit and girls were more likely to say they access TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat. More black and Hispanic teens reported using TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp than white teens.

Even though more than half (54%) of teens said they would find it hard to give up social media, 36% admitted they spent too much time on the platforms. Around 55% said their usage levels were “about right”. Meanwhile, 97% of teens now use the internet every day, with 46% saying they are online almost all the time.

The survey found that 95% of teens have access to a smartphone (up from 73% in 2014-2015), while 90% can access a desktop or laptop computer, up from 87% in the previous survey. Curiously, the percentage of teenagers who report having access to a game console has decreased slightly, from 81% to 80%.

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