5 Best Free Fire YouTubers Famous For Their Pro Gameplay (June 2022)

Free Fire is one of the most followed titles in the Battle Royale category. It has garnered millions of downloads for its high quality graphics and immersive dynamics, running smoothly on various devices.

YouTube is one of the best platforms to post content and gain a large audience. Many YouTubers have created successful careers on the platform through their professional gameplay.

Players can learn a lot of skills and other tricks from these YouTubers and improve their playing style. Some of these content creators even display pro-level Free Fire gameplay.

Born2Kill and four Free Fire YouTubers famous for their professional gameplay

5) Tahirguego FF

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Tahirfuego FF is a rising name in the professional Free Fire scene. He currently plays as an esports athlete for the Nigma Galaxy team and is an excellent striker known for getting his team out of tight spots.

His channel has gained over 400,000 subscribers with 36,908,114 video views. He posts content based on clutches and montages of his competitive matches.

Players can learn many skills like fast headshots and perfect use of gloo walls from him. Tahirfuego FF’s Free Fire UID is 648859472, and readers can visit his channel here.


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ROUK FF is considered one of the most aggressive players in the community. Its gameplay is fast and includes many assaults.

Users are fascinated by its quick movements and precision in firefights. His in-game ID is 261109577. His channel has 10 million subscribers, a considerable feat.

The total number of video views on his channel is over 600 million. Players can access his channel by tapping on this URL.

3) FF killer

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Killer FF is a popular esports athlete from the Team Orangutan Free Fire lineup. His precision in the head and his quick movements made him famous in the gaming community.

He named his YouTube channel Killer FF, which he launched on July 22, 2017. Players can find many esports games on his channel, which is very helpful in gaining experience by playing tournaments.

His channel has 398,000 subscribers and has posted 133 videos.

2) Pahadi Game

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Pahadi Gaming is another renowned name on the pro YouTuber list. He is well known for his professional sniper skills and earned the title of Sniper God from his followers.

His channel has over 1.44 million subscribers and 114 million video views. His UID is 147098967, which users can search to see his stats and send him a friend request.

Check out the main Pahadu Gaming channel by clicking here.

1) Born2Kill

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B2K or Born2Kill is widely known in the Free Fire community for its impeccable accuracy and flawless use of sniper rifles. The channel is run by two brothers, Moez and Walid, who have worked hard to become successful YouTubers with their professional gameplay.

The channel currently has over 400 videos and 8.87 million subscribers. The total number of video views stands at 585 million. They have three other channels where they post short videos and highlights of the best matches.

Discover the main channel of B2 K by clicking here.

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